Champagne & Caviar de Neuvic

15th August 2015

Champagne and caviar is a classic food pairing.

Caviar De Neuvic is created by a sustainable fish farm located in South-West France, on the shores of the Isle, a pioneer river in sturgeon-raising Aquitaine, famed for Caviar production since the 1920’s and in the heart of an area renowned for its gastronomy and fine French heritage.

Laurent Deverlanges, its founder, has long-standing experience and knowledge in agronomy and the food industry and is passionate about aquaculture. Both Laurent and the producers at Caviar de Neuvic believe that only through the respect of nature’s most precious resources can refinement in taste be obtained. Through this respect of the sturgeon and its surroundings they are hoping to initiate a new caviar culture.


Caviar de Neuvic’s Signature caviar comes from the Acipenser Baeri species of sturgeon and creates an explosion of sensations on the palate combined with a well-balanced elegance. The generous-sized eggs bring a truly fresh and original taste with salty flavors, butter and walnuts aromas  and delicate complexity.

Caviar de Neuvic have two exciting products that join their classic range of caviar.

Firstly, The Nanos: six teeny-tiny 10g tins for you to enjoy whatever the occasion: solo or duo, with friends, at the bar …

Supplied in six colors to match with your mood – pink, sky blue, dark blue, orange, green or red on the outside with stylish caviar-black inside.

Nano is delicious, fun, and tastes like the classic Caviar de Neuvic! Eat it in one shot with a glass of Champagne.

Caviar de Neuvic also supply the unique Caviar Butter using an exclusive and original recipe which they created. Its extra creaminess, added to the caviar freshness make it a flavoursome and original butter. As an appetizer, Caviar butter is delicious on toast or a thin slice of brioche with a glass of Champagne. It also is delicious melted on grilled fish fillet, dotted over boiled new potatoes or steamed vegetables or spread on fingers of toast to accompany a hard-boiled egg.

Ice cube small

Caviar de Neuvic  have also recently added to their collection the wonderful centerpiece and showstopper Caviar on the Rocks. This is a functional but impressive way for you to enjoy your caviar Nano, or the other caviar varieties in 30 grams or 50 grams tins. The concept is simple, they send you a silicon mould, which you fill with water and put into the freezer. After a few hours, you get an 8cm high ice cube, designed at it’s top to hold the caviar tin, with the “N” of Neuvic engraved on the side. Simply chic but amazingly cool in all senses of the word!


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