Champagne Houses show interest in English Bubbly

25th August 2015

Champagne Houses show interest in English Bubbly

With English sparkling wine gathering increasing international attention, it’s thought that wineries in Champagne, the most successful sparkling wine region, want a piece of the action.

The choice for Champagne houses to buy up land in England makes a lot of sense – although land prices are rising, it’s much cheaper in England compared to Champagne.

A lot of English soil and climate is not so far off from their own and it’s very capable of producing high quality bubbly – often considered worthy of the Champagne region.

It’s not only France that’s eyeing up English sparkling! Other top international markets have shown interest from across Europe, China, India and more.

More and more top class restaurants are keen to have an English bubbly on their wine list.

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