Champagne Montaudon

21st September 2015

Champagne Montaudon

The House of Montaudon began in 1891 when Auguste-Louis came to Epernay to create a Champagne House in Reims, and thus the family tradition and passion for wine-making was born and would be handed down from generation to generation.

In December 2010, the House joined the portfolio of Alliance Champagne group who continue respect the style and legacy of the Montaudon House and transmit it to each of their bottles.

Their bottles can be recognised by the distinctive red “M” on their label.


In the 1960’s, Auguste-Eugène’s son, Philippe, acquired the vineyards up to 45 hectares. He brought a strict quality control system that’s still in place today. Thanks to Phillipe’s son, Luc, the brand has managed to strengthen their recognition worldwide through his travels to promote the House.

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