De Watère

18th March 2014

De Watère

Founded in 2011, the success story of this extraordinary taste adventure started with the idea of a family member of the De Watère’s, whose roots can be tracked back to 1086.

Today De Watère is – among lovers of characteristic Champagne – known for its overwhelming taste and understated elegance. Created from a 1er Cru in the Vallée de la Marne, the heartland of Champagne, De Watère is the finest and most sought-after boutique Champagne.

Only available in selected boutiques and hotspots around the globe the exclusivity of the taste adds a surplus value to every occasion, moment and location.

It all began in 1066, when the Norman Guillaume de Watère relocated from France to England following in the army of William the Conqueror. There, Guillaume was recorded in the Doomsday Book in 1086. This marks the official beginning of the French family De Watère‘ in England.

When 2011 approached, marking 925 years of constant family tradition, the eldest son of the current generation decided to create something that would honor the family’s origin and long lasting history, celebrating the eternal solidarity.

He found Champagne to symbolize the French origin and the celebratory aspect. For a sign of eternal strength, he found the griffon from the family seal and diamonds. That is why two griffons hold the diamond of solidarity between them.


Originally, De Watère Champagne was exclusively available to family members. However, since the Champagne had become a desired token for friends and acquaintances, the family decided to make De Watère Champagne available to the public.

De Watère Champagne is elaborated in the 93% Premier Cru village of Avenay Val d’Or, 5km east of Aÿ in the Vallée de la Marne.

The grapes used are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. At the vigneron’s, everything is done manually or using traditional machinery. From the picking of the grapes, over the rattling of the bottles to the application of the labels. To plow the vineyard, horses are used as to not compress the ground too much, allowing the roots of the vines to develop to their full potential. Of course, no pesticides are used. Rose bushes serve as indicators for potential disease in the vineyard.

When harvest comes, the grapes are picked by hand and transported to the vigneron’s on horse drawn carriages. After pressing and bottling, the unlabeled bottles are stored in the caves for development for normally just under six years until they are released.

Only a mere 22,500 bottles of Cuvée De Watère are produced annually, equally divided between the Brut Blanc and the Brut Rosé. Solely 20,000 of those are released to the market. The remaining 2,500 bottles are being held by and for the family De Watère.

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