Delicious Brazilian Food & Fizz for the Olympics

15th July 2016

Delicious Brazilian Food & Fizz for the Olympics

To celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio, we’ve paired some beautiful Brazilian dishes with their equally-good sparkling wine counterparts.

We often think of wines from Europe or the ‘New World’, but eyes will be  turning to Brazil as the Olympic Games draw nearer.

Brazilian Favourites

Pão de queijo
For starters, bread and cheese – what could go wrong? Crispy rolls of bread are stuffed with a chewy, cheesy centre.


You will taste some of the world’s best barbecued meats in South America, but if you’re not planning on visiting soon there’s always the BBQ in the back garden! The key is to use quality cuts of meat, seasoned with salt and slowly grilled until beautifully cooked.

fish stew

Brazilian Shrimp Stew (Moqueca De Camaroes)
This delicious gold-coloured stew is creamy with a spicy kick, made with coconut milk and palm oil. It’s made by sauteeing onions, garlic and pepper with shrimp and cilantro before adding the sauce.  

Perfect for a savoury snack, Coxinha are tasty deep fried chicken pieces covered in dough and shaped like a teardrop. Traditionally they were made using a chicken leg, but now it’s often simply molded into the shape instead, hence the ‘teardrop’ shape.


Something sweet – this simple dessert is made with eggs, sugar, butter and coconut. Shaped like a yellow doughnut, its glossy smooth appearance is similar to flan.

Sparkling Wines

You can find all these sparkling wines and more at Enjoy some Brazilian fizz and food during the Olympics this summer!



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