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3rd November 2017


Champagne Charles Heston is situated just 15 minutes from Reims centre, on the Route Touristique du Champagne.

The winery was founded in 1951, it has more than 120 wineries on about 115 hectares of vineyards spread over several areas of the Massif Saint-Thierry.

The three main grape varieties for Champagne are grown here, Pinot Meunier (roundness and fruity), Chardonnay (finesse and elegance) and Pinot Noir (power).

Equipped with eight presses and receiving more than 200,000 kg of grapes per day, this winery has more than 120 thermo-regulated stainless steel vats with a total capacity of 30,000 hl including barrels and oak casks for producing the range of Champagne Charles Heston.

Archaeological research has confirmed the existence of vineyards in the Gallo-Roman era. Although they can not exactly date the first establishment of vines they know its development since the thirteenth century, the culture of the vineyard is governed by the community of monks of Saint-Thierry. A parchment of the year 856, written by Pardulus, bishop of Laon, extols the merits of the wines of this region to Archbishop Hincmar of Reims.

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