Discover Champagne Jean Michel

16th April 2016

Discover Champagne Jean Michel

Carte Blanche Brut

The perfect wine for any family get-together. This cuvée is the perfect blend of three grape varieties and reserve wines.

There is also a demi-sec version by a subtle addition of sugar during disgorgement, which pairs well with all kinds of dessert.

Carte Blanche Extra Brut

The absence of dosage lets the original taste of the wine shine through. It is lively, almost vigorous, but with a slightly sweet tasting finish. The freshness and vivacity of this cuvée is ideal with fish or seafood.

Carte d’Or

A young vintage Champagne for those special occasions. This cuvée is produced from one single quality harvest. It is smooth and a well-balanced combination of the three grape varieties: the fruity Pinot Meunier, the intense Pinot Noir and the delicate Chardonnay.

Golden colour, aromas of juicy ripe fruits (yellow peaches), full-bodied and open with a long finish.

Blanc de Chardonnay

This Blanc de Blancs is a deep yellow hue with a lovely sparkle and the perfect expression of Chardonnay. This fresh, lively cuvée is perfect for a Summer’s day.

Notes of citrus fruit, opening on to acacia honey and aromas of fruit blossom.

Blanc de Meunier
A cuvée created as a tribute to the family’s original Champagne. It is fresh and generous. With its slightly coppery highlights, this Champagne could almost be described as reddish blonde – an impression accentuated by its brilliant sparkle.

With aromas predominantly of peaches, Mirabelle plums and other stone fruits.
There is also a delightful hint of spice.

Cuvée Spéciale

This delicate, elegant Prestige cuvée is a real aristocrat with fullness and balance. It has been aged for 8-10 years on lees before being disgorged. The first sip is lively, but quickly gives way to a concentration of fruity aromas. It is a well-rounded, full-bodied, very smooth wine.

Cuvée Les Mulottes

An unclassifiable wine, which leads you off the beaten track. It is an explosion of unfamiliar aromas. Sophisticated woody aromas from ageing in oak barrels made by Jérôme Viard (a master cooper in the Champagne-Ardenne region). The Chardonnay shines through in the sparkly golden colour, lemony aromas and a remarkable mineral taste on the palate.
This cuvée pairs well with any sweet and sour cuisine from India, China or other eastern countries.

La Petite Mulotte

Quite sophisticated with a woody aroma due to the partial oak cask wine-making process, this cuvée shows a golden velvet sparkling texture and citrus fruit nuances.

Cuvée CEP Extra Brut

The purest of Champagnes. This ‘green’ cuvée is made from grapes that have been cultivated organically, with no herbicides or other chemical treatments and using only treatments authorised under the organic agriculture regulations (CE no. 834/2007).

Vinification is also very natural, with no added sulphur (the only additive authorised in wine production). This gives more aromatic complexity and the wine is easier to digest.


Full of the aromas of Summer, it is a delicate rose-petal colour. You can taste the aromas of small red berry fruits like wild strawberries and red currants.

Cuvée Spéciale Rosé

A vintage Champagne for rosé aficionados. It has a vermillion hue and an intense bouquet of mainly red fruits (cherries in particular). A hint of mint gives it extra freshness.

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