Domaine Vismoselle, Crémant de Luxembourg

6th April 2016

Domaine Vismoselle

With more than 350 members, Domaine Vinsmoselle is the wine market leader in Luxembourg, owning 65% of total wine production (800 hectolitres).

Luxembourg received controlled status in 1991 and is the only country outside of France able to use the Crémant label. It was partly thanks to Vinsmoselle that the Crémant designation was given to the country.

Crémant de Luxembourg is made in the country’s Moselle district made according to the traditional method (méthode traditionnelle). Like Champagne, Crémant must follow certain rules to be labelled as such.

Poll-Fabaire is the exclusive supplier of Crémant de Luxembourg under Domaine Vismoselle.

They use the diversity of the soils in the Moselle Valley to produced rich and varied Crémant de Luxembourg with a distinct flavour. Their Crémant is based on healthy, aromatic grapes with a refreshing acidity, favoured by the geographic location of Luxembourg’s winemaking region.

Poll-Fabaire has a wide range of cuvées, made from different grape varieties and sugar levels.

Crémant POLL-FABAIRE Brut Gold Medal

Round, full bodied and spicy.

poll fabaire gold medal
Crémant POLL-FABAIRE Pinot Noir Brut

Elegant, exciting structure with abundant finesse and distinct cherry aromas.

Crémant POLL-FABAIRE Rosé Brut

Lovely aromas of red fruit, cherry and strawberry.



Creamy and elegant with tropical fruit aromas.

Crémant POLL-FABAIRE Pinot Blanc Brut

Delicately fruity, subtle and creamy.

Crémant POLL-FABAIRE Demi-Sec 

Medium-dry, well-rounded with a lovely aroma.

Crémant POLL-FABAIRE Brut Vintage 2010 

Robust and full-bodied.


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