English bubbly explodes as the Queen launches new ship

12th March 2015

The Queen was in Southhampton on Tuesday 10th March 2015 to officially name the new luxury P&O cruise ship, Britannia.

During the ceremony, which Prince Philip and some celebrities also attended, a Nebuchadnezzar bottle of Wiston Estate English Brut NV sparkling wine was smashed against the ship. This act of breaking a bottle of wine against a new ship, often Champagne, is part of a long-standing tradition dating back to the late seventeeth century.

Pip, Harry, Dermot and Richard from Wiston Estate Winery were ready to pop open plenty more bottles of bubbly to continue the celebrations on board.

The Britannia cruise ship will sail from Southampton during the summer and from the Caribbean in the winter.



Glass of Bubbly

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