Ferrari – Fast Cars or Fizz?

9th August 2021

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With the 2021 Formula 1® season in full throttle, Ferrari have a guaranteed mention on the winner’s podium. Yet, eagle-eyed fans will notice the branding is not the same as the Ferrari they see competing on the track. Italian excellency? Yes. Car related? No.

Instead, this Ferrari brand are the leading producer of sparkling Trentodoc wine, the official toast of Formula 1® racing for the next three years.

Traditionally, Champagne brands have sponsored – and been joyously sprayed around – podium celebrations, but March 2021 saw a move to Italian sparkling wine. One of less fame than Prosecco and Asti, but one of exceptional quality.

What is Trentodoc?

Trentodoc is a sparkling wine produced in the mountainous Trentino region of northern Italy. ‘Trento’ is the main town, and ‘Trentodoc’ designates the region and rules for production of this wine to assure quality.

Unlike Prosecco and Asti, Trentodoc is made using the intricate ‘traditional’ method (aka ‘Metodo Classico’), whereby the second fermentation – the one that adds the sparkle – happens in the bottle through the addition of a yeast, wine and sugar combination called Liqueur de tirage. This method is famously employed in Champagne.

In fact, Trentodoc sparkling wine has much more in common with Champagne than it does its Italian counterparts. Another similarity is the grapes used. Chardonnay is the most popular, but Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Meunier are also permitted.

It is claimed the late Giulio Ferrari, who established Ferrari Trento, was the first Italian producer to make wine this way back in 1902 after his time in Champagne. There are now over 50 producers of Trentodoc, but only a few dominate production with Ferrari roaring ahead in first place.

Traditional method Italian sparkling wines (like Trentodoc and Franciacorta) have not yet replicated the success other Italian bubbles have had outside of Italy (tank-fermented Prosecco takes pole position there). Perhaps the Formula 1® sponsorship could be the key to getting things on track…

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Written by Kirsty Woodgate DipWSET
WSET Diploma graduate and experienced communications professional.

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