I’m tasting Stars, quite literally, with Prosecco crisps

13th October 2015

I'm tasting Stars

If you love a glass of bubbly, then you’ll find it hard to resist the Marks and Spencer ‘Fizz and Sparkle’ crisps they have on their shelves (appropriately placed not far away for the drinks section).

So fine, you won’t be getting drunk from these crisps, nor will you be able to squeeze a drop of Prosecco from them, but what you do gain is a new tasting experience in crisps, whether you take the opinion to be delighted with them or disgusted even with the thought of the idea. The Winter Berries and Prosecco (dried Prosecco wine) hand cooked crisps are quite different in the taste offer they give, fruity is the thing that grabs you initially thanks to the Raspberry and Blackberry juices in the ingredients and there after, they are pretty much very similar to any other premium style crisps you would purchase at the local supermarket.

Prosecco Crisps


Let us not forget the added ‘sparkle’ that is the sprinkling of gold stars, edible we may add (though not 18ct unfortunately), which add to the novelty of these crisps from Marks and Spencer.



I suppose, with the recent trend in introducing ‘different’ flavoured crisps, especially from the likes of Walkers (Cheesy Beans on Toast with Cheddar from Somerset or Chip Shop Chicken Curry), then Prosecco flavour isn’t that much of a leap away from the traditional Ready Salted – Certainly a tick in our box as we now await Champagne flavour or maybe say Camel Valley Tortillas, Nyetimber Cheesy Puffs? Saying that, am I the only one who can remember, as a child in the 1980’s, having Hedgehog flavoured crisps in England… ??


Glass of Bubbly

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