Italian Sparkling wine

9th February 2014

Italian Sparkling wine

There are 20 unique wine regions in Italy with over 350 types of grape. The major types of sparkling wines from Italy include Prosecco, Asti Spumante, Lambrusco and Franciacorta.

Prosecco is made from the white Prosecco grape ‘Glera’. Prosecco is also a region in Veneto, northwest Italy. Most Prosecco wines are meant to be enjoyed young and fresh. The flavours are generally flowery and peachy with a hint of vanilla bean. Prosecco tastes slightly sweeter than Champagne. In the hills close to Conegliano , there is an important sub-region called Valdobbiandene. This region is considered to be the producer of the highest quality Prosecco.

Asti Spumante is produced throughout southeastern Piedmont, but in particular around the towns of Asti and Albais. It is made solely with the Moscato Bianco grape, making it one of the sweetest sparkling wines in Italy. Asti is Italy’s largest producing appellation.

Lambrusco is the name of both a red wine grape and an Italian wine made principally from the grape. The grapes and the wine originate from four zones in Emilia-Romagna and one in Lombardy. It is made quickly with the Charmat Method and meant to be drunk young.

Franciacorta became the first DOC to specify that its sparkling wines must be made by traditional method (metodo classico). Franciacorta  a sparkling wine from Lombardy became a DOCG in 1995.  The sparkling wine can not be released until at least 25 months after harvest, 18 months of which must be in contact with the yeast in the bottle, compared to 15 months for Champagne. Production of Francicorta is around 7 million bottles per year.

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