JAYA Rosé – Blushing With Pride

11th May 2023

Jaya Rosé Blushing With Pride

Jaya = Victory

JAYA’s Rosé Spumante has officially launched to the world, having the pleasure of joining them in Switzerland for the unveiling, it’s perfect to enjoy under the sun with good friends and fine food, they’ve crafted a delightful Rosé with an unforgettable colour, a fantastic aroma and exceptional flavours, let’s delve in and discover all.

In this overly populated world of crass commercialism, we always want more, and thanks to hard working entrepreneurs, we often get it, but not always at the quality standards that we were hoping, it seems to be fewer and far between that we get the opportunity to experience a quality standard that supersedes our expectations, and with the unveiling of JAYA’s Rosé Spumante, I can confidently say that I’ve discovered one of those rare occasions.

A New Era For Glera

“Our JAYA Rosé is an elegant and refined sparkling wine, revealing subtle aromas of red fruits, cherries and roses, we worked hard to find the perfect balance between freshness and roundness, thanks to the blend of Glera, Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc.” – Tancredi Pascale, the Founder, Owner & CEO of JAYA Prosecco

The story of JAYA Prosecco is above all one of passion, tradition and a family’s heritage. The company was founded in 2017 by the young Swiss-Italian entrepreneur Tancredi Pascale. Alongside his partner, Nathalie L’Eplattenier, he has an ambitious aim: to restore the prestige of Prosecco and provide consumers with information to help them rediscover it. While it is most associated with time spent with friends and family, this famous sparkling white wine is much more than just an ingredient in an Aperol Spritz.

To meet the rising demand for Prosecco across the globe, the Italian authorities relaxed regulations and allowed Glera grapes to be mixed with other varieties, Tancredi believes the combination of other grapes comprises up to 15% of the wine, making it difficult to deliver the real taste of Prosecco, with brands favouring quantity over quality, so utilising 100% of the Glera Grape in both of their Prosecco labels, you’ll only find the ‘true expression’ of Prosecco at JAYA.

Knowing Prosecco

While attending the unveiling of Jaya’s Rosé Spumante in Switzerland, Tancredi Pascale, the Founder, Owner & CEO of JAYA Prosecco pointed out something very interesting, although Prosecco sold over 638.5 million bottles in 2022, compared to Champagne’s 326 million bottles, not many people can name a Prosecco brand.

“Everyone can name a Champagne Brand, but despite Prosecco selling 300 million more bottles a year, no one can name a Prosecco brand.”

Tancredi Pascale, the Founder, Owner & CEO of Jaya Prosecco

To the mass public, if you ask them to name a Champagne brand, they’ll likely name Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon or James Bond’s Bollinger, when you start naming Taittinger, Mumm or Krug you’ll start to lose some, despite the fact they’re all massive players in the industry, but ask some of your friends who aren’t in the wine industry to name a Prosecco brand, and you’ll likely be met by some puzzling silence.

Although there are massive names in the Prosecco World, like Villa Sandi, Bisol and Montelvini, to the broad mass of the population, they’re not household names like Moët & Chandon, the only label that comes to mind for this could be Bottega, the shining gold bottles (or shining pink bottles for their Rosé), taking off in airports around the world and sitting high on the shelves at nightclubs or at rooftop bars, but when you type ‘Bottega’ into Google, the first and main thing to appear is ‘Bottega Veneta’ a Fashion company.

JAYA Prosecco was founded with some of this in mind, the founder, Tancredi, chose the name Jaya because it meant ‘Victory’ or ‘Victorious’ (In Sanskrit, an Indian language), he wanted a name that people could remember, that people will one day call out, when asked ‘can you name a Prosecco brand?’

Tasting The JAYA Range – Prosecco & Spumante

JAYA Rosé Spumante

Aroma – “Blushing red apples, delicate red apple skin, apple blossom, pink rose petals and subtle pink icing sugar.”

Flavour – “Cherry and apple blossom, sweetly rounded with divine raspberry bramble, pink rose petals and crushed red apple juice sprinkled with pink icing sugar.”

JAYA Extra Dry DOCG Prosecco

Aroma – “Subtle ripe and ripening green apples, green apple juice, fresh, all-natural with hints of foliage and wild nettles.”

Flavour – “Sweet apple juices, wild nettles, wild white flowers and notes of ripe green pears, along with stinging nettles.”

JAYA Spumante Extra Dry

Aroma – “Freshly crushed wild nettles, stinging nettles, mint, with ripe green and white pears, green apples, foliage and fallen leaves, along with a bakery sweetness, like gently sprinkled icing over a freshly baked croissant.”

Flavour – “It almost dissolves when it enters the palate, with sweet extremely ripe green and white pears, green apples and hints of garden herbs.”

JAYA Prosecco DOC Brut Prosecco

Aroma – “Spring green apples, sprinkled with light icing sugar, green pears, pear drops, Elderflower blossom.”

Flavour – “Ripening green apples with hints of green pears and foliage, and notes of white floral being carried in the wind.”

Although I don’t usually include tasting notes not of my own, I got to meet and speak with Fabien Mene, Switzerland’s Best Sommelier of 2021, with him sharing his experience with JAYA’s new Rosé, so I thought it a fitting ending to our journey, discovering this remarkable new Rosé Spumante – “JAYA Rosé offers flattering aromas of red fruits that we appreciate in rosés, as well as a delicate floral touch on the nose. The green apple, which is typical of the Glera grape variety, is also present, and the Cabernet Franc brings a more complex side to the wine, while the Pinot Gris adds a more exuberant side. On the palate, the wine has a refreshing acidity, well-controlled bubbles providing a nice texture, and a good balance with a saline finish that gives length and immediate pleasure. JAYA Rosé is a real treat.”

Fabien Mene, Switzerland’s Best Sommelier of 2021

Oliver Walkey

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