Low Alcohol Bubbly Rosé

29th November 2022

Annick Bubbly Rosé

The creation of Annick Bubbly Rosé was the answer to the unanswered question ‘what can we order in a bar/restaurant when we don’t feel like an alcoholic drink or soda/coffee?’

Annick Devaux is from Belgium, she embarked on a bike journey from Brussels to Lucca, but became ever more frustrated when she could never find something healthy and at the same time, tasty to drink on her travels, she doesn’t like beer, bottled fruit juices or soft drinks, so this prompted her to create what she couldn’t find, she started thinking of a drink that could answer that unanswered question.

Annick Ethic Drinks produce their Italian ‘Low Alcohol’ Sparkling Wine with organic grapes and no added sugar, additives or preservatives included.

The idea popped into her mind of creating a fruit-based sparkling wine, but in order to make it, she needed to find a different way of producing it.

With the goal of being as sustainable as possible, she sought to find the production method that produced the least amount of energy, and she decided on controlled fermentation.

After 3 years of research, she thanked David Volterrani, from San Miniato, who provided her with his facilities and know-how to develop a new method to produce a natural sparkling drink with a very low alcohol content.

Stopping the process at 1.5% alcohol content gave her Annick Bubbly Rosé the chance to be enjoyed at any time, by anybody.

What Influenced You To Produce A Bubbly Rosé With a 1.5% Alcohol Content?

“Our goal was to create a natural wine with low alcohol and the pleasure of the wine. The fact that we have one degree of alcohol gives the maximum flavor of the grapes and the natural sparkling at Annick Bubbly rosé. It’s impossible to have a natural tasty and sparkling wine without alcohol.” – Annick Devaux

The drink is produced from the Malvasia di Candia, Ortrugo, Marsanne and Barbera grapes. It is placed inside a dark glass bottle, made with 70% recycled glass/materials, in order to preserve its beautiful pink colour from light strike/oxidation.

How Important Is Sustainability To You?

“Our name explains our philosophy; ethics is our priority. All our choices are guided to create the lowest carbon impact as possible. Light and dark glass bottles made from recyclable material. Screw top to avoid waste of Annick Bubbly Rosé Paper labels recycle carton boxes” – Annick Devaux

White glass is always more attractive with Rosés as it allows you to see the beautiful pink colour inside, however the clear bottle does not contain recycled materials or prevent the light strike and oxidation, which would damage the contents inside much faster.

Even their packaging is made with 100% homemade wooden boxes by a small Italian company.

Annick Bubbly Rosé – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Dessert level of sweetness, with cherries, pink floral, pink rose petals, pink blossom, strawberry and raspberry syrup and purée on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Sweet juice, strawberry syrup, raspberry purée, strawberry tart, hints of flaky pastry to accompany on your journey, and an expression of pink floral notes on the palate.”

Bronze Medal in the Summer Days Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

Do You Have Any Food Recommendations That Pair Well With Your Annick Bubbly Rosé?

“As an aperitif with cold cuts, goat cheese, cheese with “piment d’espelette”, foie gras white fish with lemon sauce, cakes with strawberry, sorbet, chocolate.” – Annick Devaux

Image Credit: BeachBiker

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