A Meal without Wine is like a Day without Sunshine

19th September 2017


Wine is no longer reserved for the weekend and now, double Royal Warrant holders Corney & Barrow have got your midweek meals covered. The independent wine merchants have teamed up with experts to offer some tasty inspiration with a delicious selection of recipes to match their own label wines.

For a long time house wines have had a bad reputation, but Corney & Barrow have been challenging perceptions since 1780 and believe it’s time for us to revisit old assumptions. Each year, their experts carefully create their own label special blends, working painstakingly with experienced winemakers, in pursuit of the most delicious wine they can make, for the best possible price.

Corney & Barrow believe that ‘Life Rewards the Curious’ and invite you to explore these wine and food pairings. Check out the suggested pairing for their own label sparkling wine priced at £12.75.

Pisqu’s William Ortiz suggests a glass of C&B’s Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine with his Organic Quinoa Salad. This light and fresh organic salad takes minutes to prepare and tastes great with a glass of Blanc de Blancs. The creaminess of the cheese works well with the Chardonnay in the sparkling wine.

Glass of Bubbly

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