Quench Your Thirst For Bubbly Bargains With These 3 Tips

26th July 2021

Spumante Bottles of Sparkling Wine

Looking for the best discounts for your Champagne and sparkling wine? Serious bubbly drinkers know how valuable a sale or discount on their favorite bottles. Every dollar saves goes towards getting an additional bottle or trying something new.

The good news is saving money when shopping for wine can be quite easy if you know where and when to search.

Check out our guide to finding amazing deals on your favorite drinks and learn these tips before you take your sips.

1) Sign Up For Subscriptions And Apps
Signing up for subscriptions that send you coupons for different stores is one of the easiest ways to expand your tastes and discover new ways to save money. Many services offer discounts upon sign-up that can lead to savings on your favorite wine or cashback.

Take advantage of these deals by signing up for subscriptions and apps that have extremely inclusive memberships. For example, websites like OnDemandly offer referral codes for apps like Ibotta, which give you money back when you make purchases. Start earning cashback when shopping for groceries along with your favorite Champagne and sparkling wine and put that money towards a second bottle in your cart.

You’ll notice that each app and subscription service will give you different deals. However, we recommend testing out only one money-saving app at a time. Also, only sign up when you know exactly what the service offers. You don’t want to rush into making a commitment without reading through and analyzing the pros and cons of the service.

2) Save Money By Shopping Early
Timing is crucial when determining the best deals, especially for alcoholic beverages. Knowing how holidays can affect price sensitivity for Champagne and sparkling wine is important; the abundance of celebratory events during wintertime increases consumer demand and leads to lower prices.

We recommend shopping for your favorite bottles during the holiday season when prices are down, even for occasions much later in the year. You’ll notice you’ll save several dollars on a nice bottle of rosé in late December rather than in June.

3) Schedule Sale Searches
While being lucky and stumbling upon random sales can be fun, it is risky. You’re better off establishing a routine of searching your favorite retailers’ websites rather than hoping to walk in and find a deal.
Here’s our best tips on how to find a sale:

• Create a sale search schedule. It can be once a month or once a week. On this day, check out the inventory of your favorite retailers and compare their deals. You might notice patterns in when certain bottles go on sale.
• Become more knowledgeable about what certain terms on wine labeling mean and how they affect sales. It never hurts to research more about the different labels that go into sorting what you buy. The difference between Champagne and sparkling wine is significant enough, especially for businesses that manufacture, distribute, and sell alcohol.
• Call the business and ask if they have any sales on wine coming up. Ask about the winter holidays and if there will be any markdowns for Black Friday or even Valentine’s Day.

Bottom Line
You should not have to break the bank to buy bubbly. Searching different sources for discounts and staying updated on prices through convenient mobile apps and subscriptions is the best way to navigate drink deals.

Be proactive when looking for deals and take advantage of combined offers as soon as you can to save the most. You’ll also save on more than alcohol if you can get discounts from stores with diverse stock that sell other products, like charcuterie board products.


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