Ratafias Champenois Julien Chopin

20th August 2021

Julien Chopin Ratafia Champenois

I’m sure that if I mention Champagne then I will be surrounded by many smiling faces expecting to share in the delights of a glass of bubbly or two… but there is another (hidden) gem that Champagne holds – #RatafiaChampenois.

What is Ratafia Champenois?

Ratafia Champenois is a sweet (fortified style) wine with a minimum of 110 grams of sugar per litre and alcohol that can range from 16-22% and aged at least 10 months in tanks or oak barrels. It is important to stress, that the sweetness comes from the natural sugar present in the grape must. At the time of pressing the grapes intended for the production of Champagne, the producer can allocate a part of the must, not exceeding 116 litres for each 4,000kg pressing for the production of Ratafia. The beverage is made with grapes that potentially can be used for the making of Champagne.

Champagne Julien Chopin:

In 1947, in Monthelon in the Coteaux sud d’Épernay area, Julien Chopin created his Champagne brand. The Champagne Julien Chopin’s activity is now divided in 3 parts: Champagne range development, development and promotion of Ratafia Champenois and œnotourism.

Live tasting of Champagne Julien Chopin wines and Ratafia Champenois:

Champagne Julien Chopin100% MeunierGOLD MEDAL 2020 Ratafia Champenois Awards

Champagne Julien Chopin100% Pinot Blanc – SILVER MEDAL 2020 Ratafia Champenois Awards

Champagne Julien Chopin100% Chardonnay 2014 – SILVER MEDAL 2020 Ratafia Champenois Awards

Christopher Walkey

Christopher Walkey

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