Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

25th August 2021

Suavignon Sparkling Wines

Wines which carry the name of Sauvignon Blanc will generally deliver quite an interesting character of aromas and flavours. Sometimes people will say it is rather a love or hate relationship though this white grape variety (species: Vitis vinifera) with its aromatic style has a global production and fan base too!

“Sauvignon Blanc can sometimes generate a green character via aromatics coming from its compounds called Methoxypyrazines.”

Sauvignon Blanc grape characteristics:

Colours: Medium straw to warm yellow colouring.

Aromas: Freshly cut grass / garden nettles, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit, white peach, herbs

Flavours: Herbs, freshly cut grass / garden nettles, gooseberry, lime, honey dew melon and… cats pee! Oak aged can show creamy to oily texture to flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine label

Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine label


Countries that produce Sauvignon Blanc:

France (mostly Loire Valley) and New Zealand will have a great supply of Sauvignon Grapes to pick and plenty of wines to choose from. From one side of the world to the other and plenty in between to include USA, Sth Africa, Chile, Australia, Austria, Germany and more.

“Sauvignon Blanc is said to thrive and perform better in cooler climates.”

Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc wines:

For me the advantage of sparkling sauvignon over still wines is that we get the explosion and greater characters of the grape when we have fizzy wines. If you love Sauvignon Blanc, as I do, then you are not afraid to enjoy this aromatic grape variety in its full splendour, the added bubbles not only increasing the aroma delights, but within the palate the refreshing fizzy style expresses the green characters in more splendour. If you love still Sauvignon Blanc then you will love those with bubbles too.

Where can I buy sparkling Sauvignon Blanc wines?

There are many to choose from which is good news! Depending on the style you prefer, from dry to sweeter and those which have had oak contact, a simple search on Google will provide you with plenty of examples – I wish to highlight two of them below from Austria and Germany.

Steininger & Motzenbacker:

Here we have two sparkling wines with the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Both these wines are medal winners with one being in the ‘Forget Me Not’ category so that expressive character wine and one within the ‘Summer Days’ so a wine perfect for those warm days on the balcony / garden or even beach enjoy the rays of the sun.

Cool climate regions, European, Northern Hemisphere:

Steininger Sauvignon Blanc ReserveGold Medal Winner ‘Forget Me Not’ – Tasting Notes: “As per my 2016 tasting – A very green character and I like this very much. Garden nettles and herbs on the nose. Green fruits, herbs and soft lime zest in flavours. A relaxing wine to enjoy, quite bold in its character and it’s nearing a love / hate wine. Excellent once again from Austrian winery Steininger.

Motzenbacker Sauvignon Blanc Methode Rurale 2017 ‘Marie’ Biologisch – Silver Medal Winner ‘Summer Days’ – Tasting Notes: “How I love a good sparkling sauvignon blanc. Tasty creamy exotic fruits, nettles, green grass, touch of lime on the nose. Smooth and elegant in style with again a very green character of exotic fruits, nettles, herbs, lime and much more. A wonderful display of flavours.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.