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18th November 2021

The Delights of Vipava Valley

This thin strip of area within Slovenia that touches on one of its neighbouring countries, Italy, remains relatively unknown to many yet treasured by those who do. It can be said to have the ideal location within the heart of Europe with the Mediterranean Sea, Julian Alps, Trieste and 5 international airports within a 160-km radius.

The Vipava Valley is renowned for its premium wines and numerous wine gems, which place it on the map as one of Central Europe’s most attractive wine-growing districts. Over two-thousand years of cultivating grapevines the Vipava Valley has carved out its own identity, recognized through the preservation of old, indigenous grape varieties, stone wine cellars, and premium-quality wines, made with great respect to nature. This tiny district has burst onto the global wine scene, claiming some of the world’s top international awards and recognitions.” source Vipavskadolina


Slovenia Wine Regions – Vipava – Photo credit / copyright belongs to Slovenia For You


The region is nestled in between the Sezana and Gorisja Brda (Primorska) wine regions. Many see the western side of Slovenian to hold the most desirable sparkling wines from Slovenia with many great traditional method classics. The region is also very into its gastronomy with fine dining locations easy to come past combining both local and international cuisine with a big focus on pairing with local wines.


Here are some wine, gastronomical and overnight accommodation delights that you will find in this beautiful region of Slovenia:


Rosé Prestige – Silver Medal ‘Light & Fruity’ 2019 Glass of Bubbly Awards


Vina Povh | Wines Povh – 5271 Vipava Slovenia

Rosé Prestige – Tasting Notes: “A light and fruity Charmat method sparkling wine. Mostly a delicate display of red fruits mostly raspberry with a touch of dry red berries.

On the eastern side of the Vipava Valley you will find Vina Povh, close to the community of Trebižani – A history dating back to 1935 and a current focus on Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Yellow Muscat and Vipava’s autochthonous Zelen wines.

Vipava 1894 Zelen Charmat Method

Vipava 1894 Zelen Charmat Method


Vinska klet Vipava | Wines Vipava 1894 – 5271 Vipava Slovenia

Zelen 2017 – Tasting notes: “2017 vintage, 4 years of age when opened, Charmat method. A sweet creamy citrus, green fruits, faint lime / green grass aromas. Fresh, fruity, silky and elegant. Citrus, grass, touch of nettles (reminds me of Gruner Veltliner grape), green pear, yellow floral flavours. Most enjoyable. Noteworthy was the tiny bubbles in the glass. A warm golden citrus colouring.

Viticulture in the Vipava valley ascribes great importance to the year 1894, when the winegrowers of Vipava founded the first wine cellar in Slovenia, which was registered as the Vipava Wine Cooperative. It is now the largest production house in Slovenia with a 200.000 h capacity.

Pixol Restaurant - Vipava

Pixol Restaurant – Vipava


Fine Dining and Accommodation:

Lastly, we venture into the fine dining and accommodation within Vipava and speaking from a wonderful first hand experience I had some years back I wish to share with you the amazing Pikol Lake village which combines fine dining and lakeside water villas.

Lake Pikol Water Villas

Lake Pikol Water Villas – Image copyright Pikol


Pikol Lake Village is a magnificent location towards the western side of the Vipava region. There is a fine dining restaurant that focuses a lot on fish dishes and is led by the highly respected and awarded sommelier Boris Gašparin.

One of the family’s sparkling wine (yes, the family produce their own wine too!) is their amazing Gold Medal winning Blanc de Blancs – With rebula grapes (100%), traditional method and aged 36 months on the lees (yeast). They also produce a fine selection of still wines.

Silveri Blanc de Blancs

Silveri Blanc de Blancs


Silveri Blanc de Blancs – Tasting notes: “Soft citrus, white floral, herbal faintly on the nose. Clean and fresh. Minerals, white fruits, white floral, sea breeze flavours.

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