Ratafias Champenois Julien Chopin

Julien Chopin Ratafia Champenois

I’m sure that if I mention Champagne then I will be surrounded by many smiling faces expecting to share in the delights of a glass of bubbly or two… but there is another (hidden) gem that Champagne holds – #RatafiaChampenois. What is Ratafia Champenois? Ratafia Champenois is a sweet (fortified style) wine with a minimum…

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Pinot Noir Ratafia Champenois

Firstly, what exactly is Ratafia Champenois? Ratafia is a liqueur and usually around 18% alcohol content. It will be made of the must and liqueur of the Champagne region. It requires 10 months ageing which can be either via tank or oak barrels. It can be made from a combination of Champagne grapes and from…

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