Champagne With Pad Thai From SimplyCook

Cooking can be a great form of art, it can be a way to display passion or release stress, it’s a joy to those with a creative mind, those who are willing to experiment and try. If you’re wishing to go beyond the everyday meals of pizza, burgers and fish fingers, the simple (delicious) foods…

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Champagne Gardet advises on Vintage Rosé / Saignée Rosé

Many lovers of Champagne will be particularly interested in vintage labels and there are certainly many options to choose from. ‘How about rosé Champagne though?‘ we ask, surely we are preferring a more fresh (red berry) fruity expression over any deep, complex, toasty character? Though there might be a commonly used phrase in the wine…

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The Relationship Between Desserts & Rosé Champagnes

Why Champagne Rosé and Desserts pair so well

Rosé Champagne is usually that touch more special, right? Certainly a few £s more when we look to purchase a bottle compared to their brut (white versions) – This is via the marketplace setting the price, not the cost to produce it, as many white Champagnes are made with black grapes anyway. Could we say…

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What Does Rosé de Saignée Taste Like?

what does rose de saignee taste like

Don’t we all love rosé sparkling wine? Well, I hope you nodded in agreement with me and especially since we have such a wide choice today that now includes Prosecco (DOC rosé)! Rosé labels are available globally and offer such a rich red berry fruity tasting experience from Champagne to Method Cap Classique. Most sparkling…

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Differences between Champagne Rosé & Rosé de Saignée

Rosé de Saignée and Rosé Champagne difference

Anyone for some pink fizz? Rosé Champagne is always a popular option and will delight many faces when poured. Full of red berry fruit delights including such descriptions as ‘strawberries and cream’, rosé Champagne is a popular choice from attending matches at Wimbledon to pairing with fine gastronomical desserts. What makes Rosé Champagne ‘pink‘? The…

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