The 3 Best Wines to Drink at Your PC

22nd August 2022

A Glass of Meditation

Whatever way you choose to unwind in the evening, doing so with a glass of wine can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. One of the nicest things about relaxing on an evening is that we all have different ways that we want to see off the day and get ourselves ready for a good night’s sleep. Some people like to enjoy a glass of wine and some nuts while watching a film, whereas others think there is nothing greater than sinking into a bath full of bubbles while they enjoy a glass of fizz. And, for certain people, some decent snacks and a glass of wine while thrashing it out on their favorite PC game is the way to go.

The great thing is that there is no right or wrong. Instead, you need to find the best combination of activity, drink, and snack that works for you. However, to help you on your way, here are some of the best wines to drink on your PC whilst you play casino games or investigate slots that offer the best return to player games.

The Best Glass of Red

Red wine can be an acquired taste, but often that is because someone simply hasn’t found the right glass for them. When it comes to red wines, there is such a vast variety of flavors that there is definitely something out there for everyone.

If you’re looking for a decent all-rounder to enjoy while you have a drink and play PC games, then something like Barossa Shiraz is a good shout. The M& S Classics version is a firm favorite, but you’ll find different varieties that might suit your personal taste. The overriding flavors of a Barossa Shiraz are blackcurrant, plum, and cherry which makes it a real fruit experience. Moreover, you’ll find that it comes with an affordable price tag too, perfect for games night. Another great red to try is Moxie Sparkling Shiraz from Dowie Doole, this is a quintessential Australian Sparkling Red wine. It is rich, dark and dangerously delicious and should be consumed cold

The Best Glass of Fizz

If you fancy something bubbly while enjoying your game night, then you’ll find numerous options. One of the things you’ll want to decide first is whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or dry as this could affect the bottle you reach for on the shelf.

One thing for sure is, whatever you go for, you need to get organized and put it in the fridge for a few hours before. After all, you want this bottle chilled to perfection before you take a sip. If you’re looking for something that has a slightly citrus but sweet flavor, a sparking Brut vintage is likely to tick all of your boxes; although the price tag means that this is probably a weekly treat rather than a bottle you reach for every gaming night.

There are lots of different sparkling wines you can try from countries around the world. You may have tried Champagne or Prosecco, but have you enjoyed a glass of Cava, English sparkling wine or even a glass of sparkling wine from New Zealand, Argentina or Japan?

The Best Glass of White

White wine is a classic and a choice you can’t really go wrong with. If you’re not feeling the strongness of wine on its own, the white wine is easily lightened up with lemonade or soda water as well.

A glass of Sauvignon Blanc is often a popular choice because due to its many variations. Waitrose offers a popular version with a mixture of both passion fruit and gooseberry that is sweetened by honey melon, making it an absolute delight on the taste buds during game night.

Don’t worry, if you’re not someone that likes to mix alcohol with their nightly gaming experience, because there’s something to be said for a non-alcoholic glass of fizz or even a decent cup of tea – the choice is yours.

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