The Art of The Cocktail

29th April 2021


The majestic flavours that a cocktail can produce are worth the time it takes to make, there are professions and classes in the art of making cocktails because when you get the perfect mix, you taste a little bit of heaven.

You’re not going to enjoy every cocktail and you’re not always going to feel like the grace of God has blessed your drink, but that’s always the end goal, the target that Mixologists aim for because your enjoyment of their art is what makes it all worthwhile.

Over the years it has become a lot easier for everyone to enjoy a great cocktail, with companies like Haysmith’s, Manchester Drinks, and The Infusionist combining flavours like Spiced Apple & Ginger, Roasted Pineapple & Vanilla, and some crazy enjoyable flavours like Summer Trifle and Chocolate Orange to allow you to make delicious cocktails a lot quicker and sometimes for a more affordable price.

If you can, it’s always nicer to use the real ingredients, but without spirits and liqueurs like these it wouldn’t be as easy to enjoy a Chocolate Orange Cocktail, unless you have a combination of ingredients that can create that sort of flavour, I welcome these drinks because they open up the cocktail world to more people, just sometimes they can taste mass-produced and that can make the cocktail less enjoyable, but when you get one that really delivers on the flavours like a Roasted Pineapple and Vanilla, then you just keep enjoying it.

Like pretty much any drink, you can drink any of these infused spirits and liqueurs on their own, the spirits, like infused Gin, Vodka and Rum, can be a joy to drink on there own, I recently tasted an Oyster Infused Gin which really did taste like the real thing, and just sitting on the sofa with a small glass of that was enough to aid in an enjoyable evening.

The liqueurs, although can be drunk on their own are best enjoyed in a cocktail, liqueurs will have around 20% alcohol content, which is normally around half of a normal gin, vodka or rum, making it easier to consume in more cocktails.

Sparkling Pirate Cocktail

Every Spirit will have flavours in, whether it be herbs, juniper, oranges, lemons in Gins, vanilla, coconut, nutmeg, cinnamon, bananas in Rums or barley, corn, potatoes in Vodka, infused drinks just expand the possibility of flavours and allow there to be some out of the box combinations.

Here at Glass of Bubbly, we utilise these Spirits and Liqueurs to create some amazing Fizz Cocktails, like 10 Easy To Make Summer Cocktails – Caribbean Fizz Cocktails – 3 Fun & Easy Prosecco Cocktails – Champagne and Oyster Cocktail – Fizzy Liqueur Cocktails From Aldi – Northern Lights Fizz Cocktail – Christmas Movie Inspired Cocktails plus many more for you to enjoy.

Every Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and other Sparkling Wine has their own flavours, you can tell a Champagne apart from a Prosecco or Cava apart from an English Sparkling Wine, but what I mean is the individual flavours, like oaky, toasty, buttery and nutty from a Champagne, or tropical fruit, citrus, yellow and green fruits from a Prosecco, these flavours from Sparkling Wines are a major ally in creating cocktails, but you need to pick the right ingredients, so you don’t overpower the Sparkling Wine.

Not every Champagne tastes alike, so when you see a How To Make A Champagne Cocktail, the Champagne that is used in that Cocktail may be different from the one you have in your own home or are going to buy, so there will be a slight difference in the flavours of cocktail, as the Champagne they used could be very oaky and toasty, where your Champagne is very nutty, this will change the cocktail slightly, but won’t make a huge difference, it would be different if the Cocktail used Champagne and then you used Prosecco, then the tasting notes would differ, but that’s not a bad thing as you might end up creating something you enjoy more.

Sparkling Wine in Cocktails is still very much uncharted, with a lot of great Cocktails yet to be created and named, yes you do have your well known Champagne and Prosecco Cocktails, but even they have uncharted bubbles to explore, so pick up a bottle of bubbly, maybe one that you’ve never tried before and experiment with a couple of different ingredients and see what you can come up with, you can utilise Glass of Bubbly to help you with inspiration as we have many cocktails for you to enjoy.

There is no wrong or right answer in what ingredients you should use in making a cocktail, there are tips out there to help you, they say to make a balanced cocktail you need a spirit, something bitter and something sweet in 3 parts spirits, 2 parts bitter and 1 part sweet combination, I’m not going to disagree with this method, but see it as a guideline which you ignore if you wish, I’ve created and enjoyed some delicious Prosecco Ice Cream Cocktails, which simply used Prosecco and Ice Cream, one thing I’d say is to see the spirits as an alcoholic drink, so it includes Sparkling Wine as well.

Cocktail Making is an Art Form, not every Artist creates a Masterpiece on their first go.

But Persistence and Dedication to what you Love allows you to make History.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.