The Best Champagne in France

18th August 2023

Pouring Champagne Moet et Chandon rosé

Champagne has long been associated with celebration, luxury and seduction – often served alongside cheese as an aperitif or seafood to elevate an extraordinary meal.

Around 320 Champagne houses produce delicious wines in their underground chalk cellars 90 miles northeast of Paris. Each house possesses its own distinct style that shows in their bubbly.


Bouzy is known for its sparkling wine production and boasts several Champagne houses offering tours and tastings. Furthermore, this village serves up delicious French cuisine in various restaurants and cafes throughout its surroundings.

Wines produced from a blend of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes are aged for at least three years before being released for consumption, to ensure smoothness. While some Champagnes may be very dry, others contain up to 15 grams of sugar per liter – ideal for any celebration or special event!

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Bouzy Vineyards also produce still red wines from its vineyards as a sideline to Champagne production, typically harvested by hand and kept until maximum ripeness before being transformed into bubbly Champagnes with elegant, refined tastes.

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne has long been a favorite of the elite and celebrities alike; Marilyn Monroe herself kept a monthly supply in her kitchen! With its biscuity flavors and warming qualities, this sparkling wine makes an excellent celebratory drink.

Veuve Clicquot, with their instantly recognisable yellow-orange label, has been producing Champagne since 1772 and can often be seen at red carpet events or other prestigious gatherings.


Champagne region in northeast France is a sparkling wine haven, known for its luxurious bubbles that embody luxury, seduction and sophistication. The fine bubbles, vibrant flavors and intoxicating aromas found within its bottles make this destination worthy of special celebration. Champagne’s distinctive terroir and Methode Champenoise process distinguish its wines from everyday sparkling wines; hence why Champagne holds such an esteemed place within French culture and stands as one of the greatest Champagne brands globally.

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Ruinart Champagne House was established in 1729 and since then has been producing exceptional sparkling wine exclusively. Their Brut Rose blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay boasts an irresistibly fruity profile favored by French royalty and celebrities alike. Grown on Cramant estate grapes within Cote des Blancs region of Champagne, their distinctive bottle stands as testament to rich heritage and sophisticated elegance.

This vintage Champagne is composed of an ideal blend of 85% Pinot Noir and 15% Chardonnay grapes, creating rich flavors and taut textures perfectly paired with crisp citrus fruits and minerality notes. After three years, its delicate balance between fruity aromas and complexity becomes clear.

Bouzy Winemakers enjoy access to grand cru vineyards that enable them to craft wines of great depth and concentration, creating their NV Brut Grande Reserve Heritage Familial with elegance and freshness. The wine features wave of fruit with
toasty notes and subtle notes of smoky pear.

Florent Boizel

Established in 1834, this house is run by a family who have passed on their knowledge of Champagne terroir from generation to generation. They possess intimate knowledge of premier cru vineyard sites and longstanding grower relationships – two key ingredients in creating their elegant portfolio of sparkling wines. Their Brut Reserve stands as an outstanding representation of this style which is both luxurious and fruity.

This Champagne features an exquisitely full palate of biscuity notes, toast and brioche. Grapes harvested at their peak ripeness were aged for 36 months on their lees to produce a wine with balance and refinement.

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Moet & Chandon Champagne has long been one of the world’s best-selling wines, and for good reason. It boasts an iconic history dating back centuries – from royal courts and royal weddings, Hollywood red carpets, Studio 54, as well as continuing its popularity among celebrities and top chefs today. Now owned by LVMH group it remains popular among these groups of individuals as well.

This wine combines 80% Pinot Noir and 15% Meunier grapes, blended with 40% reserve wines from 2015. This combination creates a fruity and generous Champagne with subtle sweetness and fine bubbles; its subtle sweetness pairs perfectly with dessert. This brut is dry to off-dry, featuring low dosage to preserve fruity aromas and flavors such as citrus and white fruit aromas and flavors, with floral nose notes from citrus fruits as well as round, delicate flavor palate notes for a satisfying mouthfeel experience.


Taittinger Champagne House, owned and run by its family since 1874, has long been known for its finesse and elegance; often described as a ‘healthy bubbly’ Furthermore, their first bottles were designed by famed artist Victor Vasarely; its
distinguished history combined with refined elegance has made it popular with many European elite.

This Champagne boasts an exquisite combination of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay that makes it suitable for every special event and meal imaginable. It features crisp yet refreshing flavor profiles that pair nicely with shellfish dishes,
boasting light nose notes of obepin, yeast, apple, fresh, smooth bubbles with subtle citrus peel accents on its finish.

Taittinger Champagne House stands as one of the last great family-owned Champagne houses, which helps ensure they consistently produce top-quality product. Although many Champagne producers buy rather than cultivate grapes themselves, Taittinger owns vast acreage in vineyards for growing grapes for production.

Taittinger Champagnes have long been revered, but perhaps their most prized offering is their Comtes de Champagne 2002 vintage made up of 80% Chardonnay grapes aged nearly ten years in chalk pits of Saint-Nicaise cellar. Chef de Caves Alexandre Ponnavoy oversees this process to maintain consistency and ensure quality wines.

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