VinoVirtual: February 7-9 2022 Champagne & Sparkling

25th January 2022

A Glass of Meditation

2022 is turning out to be more digital than expected…

Online Fairs for Wine & Sprit Professionals

In recent days Public Health uncertainty threatens live, in person events such as wine fairs planned for 2022. According to the Gartner report “ 80% of client/provider contact will be digital through 2025.” More than just an additional covid prevention, the digital fair has become a separate market prospecting solution: an agile, effective timesaving tool which reduces the cost of acquiring new clients/suppliers.

The success of the 2021 VinoVirtual fairs demonstrated the potential to market French wine for export through online fairs. The start up now announces its first two digital events for the new year, 2022.

More than just leads, real sales generators 

With close to 400 arranged meetings per fair in 2021(averaging 13meetings per producer), the two VinoVirtual theme fairs, Organic Wine and Spirits and Champagne & Sparkling met with a warm reception in those sectors.

Relying on the concept of ‘matchmaking’ the efficient success of the VinoVirtual meetings (25 minute video conferences) rests primarily on pairing well vetted qualified parties who are likely to do business together.

The exhibitors identify a potential sale in their meeting, arrange sampling date at their contact’s convenience and then use the VinoVirtual platform again to do the tasting together online. The results speak for themselves… the first palettes of wine were shipped in under 3 weeks!

February 7-9 2022 Champagnes & Sparkling

March 14-16 2022 – Organic Wines & Spirits

Info & Reservations:

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