Wine 101: Tips for Choosing the Right Wine for Beginners

31st July 2023


Selecting the best wine can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience, especially for beginners. Whether you’re buying a bottle of wine for yourself, as a gift for a loved one, or to celebrate a momentous occasion, here are seven tips to make this endeavor more manageable and enjoyable.

Learn the basics

Knowing the basic wine terms and information can significantly help your wine search. While you don’t need to master all wine concepts, you should at least be familiar with the primary wine types and the essential characteristics – sweetness, acidity, body, alcohol, and tannin. Understanding wine basics can make your wine-hunting experience more efficient since you can communicate your preferences should you ask for assistance at the wine store.

Set a budget

Expensive wine doesn’t always translate to high-quality, so spending excessive money just for a 750ml wine bottle is less than ideal. Before going wine shopping, establish a sensible budget and shop within the price range. Inform the wine staff of your budget to prevent them from offering wines beyond the amount you’re comfortable spending. Ask the staff for wines on sale and filter your options based on the wine features you prioritize.

Seek professional help

If you have friends or relatives who are wine lovers, ask for wine and store recommendations. Most wine enthusiasts are more than happy to share their wine knowledge and experience, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, no matter how trivial you think they are. You should also seek assistance from the wine staff as they should be well-versed with anything wine-related.

Experience wine tasting

One of the best ways to experience wine is by doing a wine tasting. Look for quality and prominent wineries, such as Cakebread Cellars, as they offer guided tours and seated experiences. If you’re hesitant to do it alone, bring a close friend or your loved ones to make the experience more memorable and meaningful.

Take notes

Once you start tasting wines, make it a habit to write down the wine details of those you enjoy. Take note of the wine name, flavor, and your first impression. You can also use wine applications to track your wine consumption to make it easier and more organized. Record the wines you dislike to help you avoid buying something similar next time.

Continue experimenting

Experimenting is the key to mastering wine. Even if you already have your wine favorites, keep trying new ones. As you grow older, your wine preferences may change, so the more wine you try, the better your chances of finding the next best bottle.

Connect with wine enthusiasts

Drinking wine is often more fun with good company. Reach out to your wine-lover friends and colleagues, or join an online community group. There are also social media apps you can utilize to connect with wine enthusiasts around the globe. However, be careful when participating in these platforms and check their authenticity and safety standards before divulging personal information.

Finding the perfect wine that suits your taste, preferences, and budget need not be challenging. Take note of these valuable tips and enjoy your wine journey.

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