A Trip To Champagne Duval-Leroy

18th August 2020

Duval-Leroy 2002

Founded over 160 years ago in 1859, Champagne Duval-Leroy is a label with a strong history in the world of fine wines led by whom many regards as one of the pioneering female businesswomen of the industry, Carol Duval-Leroy. A brand who state they are inspired by passion, not fashion and that its house and its strength, Duval-Leroy winery can be found in the Côte des Blancs region of Champagne within the village of Vertus and they produce a selection of fine labels enabling any fan of bubbly to experience the many flavours of this world famous wine.

Driving into the car park in and walking the path into the massive modern estate of Champagne Duval-Leroy, we were greeted and brought into the Tasting room where we began our phenomenal Vertical Tasting with Sandrine Logette, Chef de Cave.

We got to experience several years from Duval-Leroy and we shared that experience with you live on Instagram, you can watch it right here.


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