A Trip To Champagne Trichet-Lorain

21st August 2020

A Trip To Champagne Lorain Trichet

Travelling to different Champagne houses, you see completely different locations, from Châteaus to modern buildings to the location we visited – Champagne Trichet-Lorain, a lovely home with a tasting room attached which also leads down into their cellars located in Montbré in the Montagne de Reims.

Céline Trichet-Lorain welcomed us in and treated us to a range of her Champagnes, even pairing a couple with some cheese, she also shared a Rosé tasting with us, as shown in the picture above, this Rosé is not yet released, it’s currently spending its time ageing in her cellar, it was a treat to be able to taste the developing process of a bottle of Champagne, so thank you, Céline.

You can watch the tasting right here:


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Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

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