A Trip To Champagne Vollereaux

13th August 2020

Vollereaux Tour

The second Champagne House of the day is Champagne Vollereaux. The Vollereaux family will always be happy to welcome you to their winery and cellars in Pierry.

Our visit included a tour of their cellars and a Champagne and Cheese tasting.

Entering their public tasting room, you see a modern tasting room with a fine art display of their bottles of Champagne.

We were met by the winemaker, a member of the family who took us down into their cellar and gave us a tour around their operation.

Afterwards, we were sat down in the very clean and white public tasting room and enjoyed two of their Champagnes paired with a Goats and Cows cheese.

You can watch the Tasting right here.


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