Stefania Ruffo

Finding Love in Southern Italy

By Stefania Ruffo / 14th February 2024

I’d like to dedicate my Valentine’s Day article to those who believe in true love, the eternal romantics who live for love and those who are still looking for their own soulmate. This article is for all of you. Love: what a wonderful word, it makes us happy just to say it. Love fills the…

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Have a Silky Christmas with Champagne Sanger

By Stefania Ruffo / 21st December 2023

Last Christmas I had the pleasure of dedicating my words to the magic of Xmas and all the ornaments that adorn our homes: twinkling lights, festive fir trees embellished with glass baubles, golden stars, sprigs of holly, white candles and spicy cinnamon and vanilla pot-pourri. For this year, my dear fizz lover, I’ll tell you…

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A Night in Via Monte Napoleone Milan

By Stefania Ruffo / 11th October 2023

Lights are on and excitement is in the air. Narrow streets leading towards the main street, via Monte Napoleone, offer a twinkling atmosphere that inflames the night. People walk around wearing flattering dresses and precious jewellery. The most luxurious boutiques welcome their guests with outstanding wines from the finest wineries. This is the night in…

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Adding a Sprinkle of Magic to your Holiday Season

By Stefania Ruffo / 16th December 2022

If I had to pick a special period throughout the year to write some sentimental lines to the ones I truly care about, it would be, without any doubt, Christmas time. Maybe this is because of the magical atmosphere that surrounds every place due to the twinkling lights and festive firs embellished with glass baubles.…

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From the Hills to the Sea: Audace Prosecco as Never Before

By Stefania Ruffo / 26th October 2022

On 29 September 2022, the first Prosecco DOC Trieste came to life from the depths of the sea, after 4 months of aging at a depth of 20 metres in the Gulf of Trieste. This is an unbelievable story, definitely worth telling. It all began when two long-time friends Luca Serena, owner of Serena Wines…

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Catching a Champagne’s Sparkle in Monte Carlo

By Stefania Ruffo / 26th May 2022

This is a story of intriguing suspense merged with mystery, set in the incredible French Riviera. Be prepared for a rollercoaster race up and down winding roads looking for an eye-catching treasure. But, before setting off on this incredible adventure, be aware of the risks you might face and fasten your seat belt; there is…

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Welcoming Spring with a Floral Rosé Champagne

By Stefania Ruffo / 21st March 2022

..Tick-tock…tick-tock…time rolls on and a new season is coming up… there is a different scent in the air, one of flowers in full blossom: welcome back Spring! It’s time to celebrate the most colourful season of the year. This is the period during which Nature gives us its best in terms of scents, colours and…

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Paris, be my Valentine!

By Stefania Ruffo / 14th February 2022

…Nous sommes arrivés à Paris! After a long, exciting journey from Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, to Paris, the city of blinding lights, we’ve finally arrived at our destination just in time for Valentine’s Day! I can’t imagine a more romantic city on earth in which to spend this idyllic day. But for…

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Going Back to Paris in the 20’s with a Flute of Champagne

By Stefania Ruffo / 21st December 2021

Just a century ago, there was a thriving city, probably the most exciting city in Europe at that time. Imagine wide boulevards criss-crossed by black cars and old horse-drawn carriages. L’Avenue de l’Opéra leading towards the magnificent Opéra theatre, le Café du Dôme and le Café de la paix full of elegantly-dressed people. The sound…

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