Bartender Made Cocktails – Apple

24th April 2023

Bartender Made Cocktails Apple

This article is made in collaboration with Robin Phileas, an amazing Bartender in England.

The Cocktail that you are about to make is one of Robin Phileas‘s Signature Fizz Cocktails, which he makes at SOMA, in London, England.

Let’s Meet The Bartender!

“My name is Robin I am originally from Strasbourg (France) at the age of 16 I entered the Hospitality school of Diekirch (Luxembourg) Around that time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work in the kitchen or on the floor and this is where I discovered the best compromise between the two worlds, ‘the bar’, I entered my first cocktail competition at the ‘’Trophée des Calvados Nouvelle vogue’’ in 2011, from that moment I knew that I wanted to continue to work behind the bar and after completing my Hospitality school in Luxembourg I decided to follow a bar class in my hometown Strasbourg. After completing my specialisation I decided to move to London to continue to follow my dream. That was 9 years ago!” – Robin Phileas

What Was The Inspiration Behind Your Apple Cocktail?

“This drink is simply the representation of my past, present and hopefully future! As Calvados (an Apple based spirit) was the first ever spirit that I mixed, I wanted to have a drink around the pairing of this fruit with mostly French ingredients (my roots) and a touch of India (from the coriander seeds) because yes I am currently working in an Indian inspired speakeasy in Soho London named Soma, which I invite you all to come and check it out!” – Robin Phileas

The Recipe For Apple


  • Pommeau de Normandie Pere Magloire (Infused with Coriander Seeds)
  • Beetroot Brine
  • Rose Liqueur from Combier
  • Agave Syrup
  • London Essence Soda Water
  • A. Levasseur Brut NV
  • Absinthe L’Entete

How To Make The Fizzy Flair Cocktail

  • 25ml Pommeau de Normandie Pere Magloire (Infused with Coriander Seeds)
  • 10ml of Beetroot Brine
  • 1.25ml of Rose Liqueur from Combier
  • 1.25ml Agave Syrup
  • 25ml London Essence Soda Water
  • 75ml A. Levasseur Brut NV
  • Spray of Absinthe L’Entete


  • In a chilled wine glass (mine is a different type of glassware typical from my place but will fit the same amount of liquid) add in order the Agave syrup, the Beetroot brine, the Rose liqueur and the Pommeau de Normandie.
  • Stir the ingredients without ice first then add a few ice cubes, stir again and add another layer of ice, add the soda, then the Champagne and stir briefly and gently (to avoid killing the bubbles).
  • Finally, spray the top of the glass with the Absinthe.


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