Discover Sparkling Wine from Tasmania

27th January 2017


Australia has been long producing sparkling wines, with Tasmania the hotbed of production. Even though this region produces only 0.5% of the country’s total wine, it’s highly regarded thanks to the quality and pricing of the wines.

Tasmanian sparkling wines are becoming more recognised in the UK market. However, it’s Australians who are lucky enough to enjoy most of their homegrown bubbly, with only 10% exported out the country. If you manage to get your hands on some Tasmanian sparkling wine, you’re lucky indeed!

This region of Australia is particularly highly valued thanks to the island’s cool climate conditions producing striking acidity. The mild summers and long autumn days ripen the grapes for intense flavour and elegance. The sparkling wines are producing using the traditional method, the same process used for Champagne.

As you can imagine, it is also an incredible place to visit, from the cities, the vineyards, the wildlife, to the white beaches and blue sea. There are numerous wine trails and touring options through the region. Explore the incredible wines and foods of Tasmania while enjoying the beautiful views.

Unfortunately, it’s still not that easy to find a variety of Tasmanian fizz in the UK. Some of the most well-known names are Josef Chromy, Arras, Jansz and Pirie.

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