Dom Pérignon – First ever Vertical P2 Tasting with Richard Geoffroy

15th April 2016

Dom Pérignon - First ever Vertical P2 Tasting with Richard Geoffroy

With the confidence to say it’s ‘the ultimate Champagne‘, the Vertical P2 tasting held by Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave Dom Pérignon, was something that was quite special both in experience of the occasion and the tastes on offer.

Dom Perignon Vertical P2

The selection of Champagne tasted:

1993 – disgorged 2006

1995 – disgorged 2007

1996 – disgorged 2008

1998 – disgorged 2009/10

“I’ve been amused on the debate about yeast maturation” said Richard, a topic which is important to Dom Pérignon, “I can afford to say that we rely so much on yeast maturation… Standard yeast is for most other Champagnes.” This is something which I have heard a few times already from within the industry and having tasted their Champagne both at this Vertical P2 tasting, at many other events as well at their private cellars in Hautvillers, just north of Epernay, you can certainly appreciate it’s exclusivity. If you love the toasty experience when drinking Champagne then I can certainly tempt you over to discover the Dom Pérignon range.

“Rich without too much power, intense without the fatigue” Richard shared with us during the pouring and tasting, “Dom Pérignon has only two blends, the white and the rosé… We haven’t been spreading ourselves too thin.” It is clear to see that Richard is a man who cares deeply about his wines and wants to educate his audience to the key reasons that sees Dom Pérignon held so high in the world of fine Champagnes.

Richard Geoffroy Dom Perignon


As always, thank you to Emma Wellings for the invitation to this wonderful tasting experience. Emma Wellings PR:


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