Fun Things To Do With Champagne Corks

18th October 2022

Things to do with corks

One of the best parts of a bottle of Champagne, after of course the bubbly content, is the cork, deciding whether to let it fly across your garden or open it with a whisper, it’s a fun experience and something that appears on many people’s bucket lists to open a bottle of Champagne.

But once the cork has been removed from the bottle, what do you do with it? I’m guessing most people just throw them away, but what if there was a list of fun, creative and useful ways to give Champagne corks a new life.

Well, here is that list just for you.

1 – Plant Pot

Placing corks in a plant pot either randomly or in a pattern can bring a background blending plant into the spotlight, as long as you don’t pack it too tightly, the plant will continue to grow and you’ll still easily be able to water it.

2 – Ice Bucket

If you collected enough corks, you could place them all inside an ice bucket, and if it’s a clear ice bucket, then even better, it would be a great centrepiece for a table and would definitely spark at least a comment from your guests.

The ice bucket is just one possibility, you could fill large wine glasses, a vase, or whatever you wanted, corks are an artsy type of design, but one that speaks of elegance if done correctly, as Champagne doesn’t come cheap.

3 – Targets

Whether you’re shooting an airsoft gun, paintball gun, bow and arrow or just throwing a knife, frisbee or stones, corks can make a very precise target to aim for and as long as it’s not too windy, you should have some fun trying to hit them.

4 – Name Holder

If you’re a huge fan of Sparkling Wine and you’re planning a dinner party or a tasting with friends, then you could make a little incision across the top of a cork and insert a piece of paper or card with each person’s name on it, this makes an original and fun place name for your guests.

5 – Art

Is my Champagne corked

For those of you who are on the artistic side, then there is a lot you can create with a few Champagne corks, including, creating sculptures, picture frames, keyrings, stamps, wreaths, cork balls, coasters, bathmats, necklaces and much more, the only limit, is your imagination.

Some people paint corks, creating some pretty cool characters from superheroes, historical figures or animals, they can look pretty cool when done right.

6 – Door Stopper

If you don’t want your door hitting the wall every time it swings open, then you could look at installing a cork instead of the standard door stops that you’ll normally find online.

Unless the door is closed the cork won’t really be seen, and it could fool a couple of guests when they see just a single cork sitting on the floor.

7 – Corkboard

If you want a more creative corkboard, then try making a corkboard out of Champagne corks, it will work just as well, and when nothing is pinned on, it’ll still have a good look to it.

That’s our list of fun and creative ways to use Champagne Corks, hopefully, something on this list gave you some inspiration. Thank you for reading and until next time, keep popping those corks!

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.