Gibson’s Organic Liqueurs

21st October 2014

Gibson's Organic Liqueurs

We have a selection of liqueurs including our blackcurrant, elderflower or white currant, raspberry and raspberry extra-fruit.

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Raspberry Liqueur

Our raspbery liqueur is made from the traditional organic variety Autumn Bliss and the newer, slightly sweeter, Joan J.

Blackcurrant Liqueur

Our blackcurrant liqueur is made from several different varieties, all grown here on the farm – Bens Alder, Conan, Tinnan and Hope, plus a mystery variety propagated from cuttings taken from the Manor’s fruit cage.

Elderflower Liqueur

Our elderflower liqueur goes particularly well with Prosecco, Champagne or sparkling wine.



Cotswold Blush Cocktail

Cotswold Blush

“Cotswold Blush”

To create our delicious Cotswold Blush, a favourite wedding or celebration drink, simply add organic liqueur to ice cold prosecco or champagne. Add as much or as little as you like, for an intense colour and flavour, or a delicate blush with a hint of raspberry. Top with fresh or frozen raspberries, rose petals or ice.

Cotswold Kir

Cotswold Kir

“Cotswold Kir”

A favourite. Just pour one measure of Gibson’s Organic Blackcurrant Liqueur into a glass, and top up with ice cold champagne or Prosecco. Add ice or some frozen blackcurrants for an extra twist.

Glass of Bubbly

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