Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Cocktail

11th August 2020

Manchester Drinks Watermelon Crush

Manchester Drinks Co has not too long ago released a Limited Edition Watermelon Crush Gin Liqueur, and when thinking about a Cocktail to create, I was inspired by Harry Styles’ Song ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

So I have decided to create my own Cocktail for you to enjoy at home at an affordable price.

Harry Styles is a famous singer who was once part of the band One Direction, after the band decided to stop creating music together, they split up and went into their own solo careers, Harry has released some brilliant songs including ‘Sign of the Times’, ‘Adore You’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

Sparkling Wine – Molvino Rosé Spumante Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Rhubarb and raspberry aromas.”

Flavours – “Red berry flavours.”

A Bronze Medal Winner in the Fruity & Floral Category at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2017.

Manchester Drinks Co Watermelon Crush

Tasting Notes

Aromas – “Watermelon with a hint of garden herbs.”

Flavours – “Sweet zesty pink flavours”

Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Cocktail

For this Cocktail you will need:
1) Manchester Drinks Watermelon Crush Gin Liqueur
2) Watermelon
3) 🎶A Spoon Full of Sugar🎶
4) Strawberries
5) Summer Berry Juice
6) Sparkling Wine

How To Make A Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Cocktail

1) Grab your glass and dip the rim into some water then roll the rim around in some sugar to create your sugar coated rim.
2) Pour in 25mls of Manchester Drinks Co Watermelon Crush Gin Liqueur.
3) Pour in 75mls of Summer Berry Juice.
4) Add in a pinch of sugar.
5) Top up with you Sparkling Wine.

6) Place a Watermelon slice and a couple of Strawberries on the rim of the glass.

Tasting Notes
Aroma – “Watermelon, raspberries and grassy aromas.”
Flavours – “Sweet initially with a dryer mid-length kick brought in by the sugar coated rim.”

Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

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