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11th August 2017


Glass of Bubbly interviewed Sonita Bachu, founder and owner of

What makes Champagne, the area, so special?

The various landscapes, friendly people and good honest food. The area has different regions in which different types of Champagnes are produced. Each region has its own distinct personalities. For example, the Côte des Bar produces a lot of Pinot Noir. The Champagne region is heaven for Champagne lovers.

What makes Champagne, the drink, so special?

It is such a wonderful drink, it’s always associated with positive and happy memories. Just opening a bottle produces a good feeling. The bubbles are always enticing and the golden colour of the Champagne in the glass makes any occasion special. It is perfect for sharing and creating special moments to remember forever. There are also very strict rules for making Champagne making it an exclusive drink to enjoy.

Why should a visit to Champagne be on everyone’s ‘Bucket List’?

To discover what Champagne means and why it’s not a Prosecco or Cava. It’s liquid gold.

What was the inspiration behind setting up Champagne-Booking?

Champagne-Booking was born from our passion for Champagne and the region. Through our visits as tourists in the Champagne region, we found that some things could be improved for example the visibility and communication, etc.
We think Champagne should be accessible for everyone. old or young and whatever your budget. Big Champagne Houses are known, but there are also so many small Champagne Houses who all have their unique approach and story. We want to give them more visibility.

Why should people book with Champagne-Booking? is an online booking website with a range of Champagne Houses both large and small. We connect the visitor and the Champagne House. Champagne-Booking is professional, with know-how and strongly values a consumer-friendly approach. Book online with us and you get a direct confirmation of the booking, no money is taken, you pay at the Champagne House. There are no booking fees and you can cancel or modify your booking for free. There should be more appreciation for Champagne and you will agree with this, once you’ve witnessed the hard and precise work behind the scenes!

When do you recommend visiting Champagne?

You can visit the region throughout the whole year, but the environment is at its best in the spring/summer season, when all the vineyards are blossoming.

Which region of Champagne do you think is undiscovered?

The regions in the southern part; the Côte de Sézanne and the Côte des Bar. It’s very worthwhile to visit the Champagne Houses in these regions; you will have a fantastic experience!

Can you tell us about a hidden gem in Champagne?

Every Champagne House creates its own unique Champagne because of the secret recipe of the ‘dosage’ that is added in the final stage of production. But there is also the ‘Ratafia de Champagne’ a liquor which is not very well known outside the area.

What are the best tips you can give someone visiting Champagne?

Always visit a small grower and a large Champagne House.

Try to visit the southern part of the region; the Côte de Sézanne and the Côte des Bar. You will find beautiful nature and large Champagne Houses, for example, Champagne Gremillet, Champagne Gruet, Champagne Joël Falmet and Champagne Poinsot Frères.

Try something else as well as a tour and tasting. There are some great original activities such as grape picking in the harvest season, gastronomic meals on the estate, sabrage of a bottle and a tour through the vineyards by Land Rover or by motor bike, etc.

There’s something special about enjoying a glass of Champagne in Champagne, what’s your favourite memory?

We had the pleasure to share a glass of Blanc de Blancs 2002 Champagne with senior Mr Michel Gonet himself. Champagne Michel Gonet is located on the Avenue de Champagne and in Avize. He told us all about the history of his Champagne House. It was wonderful to hear about the history and his vision for the future.


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