Kit Your Cocktail Bar Out With VonShef

10th June 2020

Kit Your Cocktail Bar Out With VonShef

When it comes to quality and finesse, VonShef always delivers.

Kitting out your new Cocktail bar is an enjoyable experience, which is made a little better when you know you are getting value for your money, nothing in this article will cost you more than £100.

Cocktail Kit

9 piece Matte Black Parisian Cocktail Set From VonShef


The first thing any Cocktail maker needs is a Cocktail Kit/Set, but to get a complete kit, with everything you will ever need is going to cost you a little more than £100, but thankfully, there are some good kits out there with enough to create some phenomenal Cocktails.

This 9 piece Cocktail Set from VonShef Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Muddler
  • Stainless Steel Bar Spoon/ Fork
  • Stainless Steel Hawthorne Strainer
  • Stainless Steel Julep Strainer
  • 25ml/50ml Shot Measuring Jigger
  • 2x Stainless Steel Pourer
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Recipe Booklet Including 13 Cocktail & 2 Mocktails to give you some inspiration


This 9 piece matt black VonShef Cocktail Kit has what you need to start creating and for only £39.99, it is a good price for what you get and the quality of it.

If you need some inspiration in starting out, then check out 3 Fun & Easy Prosecco Cocktails which I used this VonShef Cocktail Kit to create.


Gin Glasses Gift Set From VonShef

You have a selection of glasses to choose from, including, Martini Glasses and Balloon Glasses, I decided to go for something a little different, not your typical Cocktail glasses, but worth a mention, these two 685ml Gin glasses come with one twisted mixer spoon and one double-ended measuring jigger, both rose gold, these two items both come in the Cocktail Kit, but it does sometimes help to have two measuring jiggers when mixing different ingredients in different amounts.

This Gin Glasses Gift Set costs only £27.99 from VonShef, but don’t worry if these are not the glasses you are looking for, you can check out the other Cocktail glasses available, including Martini Glasses and Balloon Glasses.

These two glasses are huge, at 685ml you are not likely to fill it all the way up, but you are not going to run out of room either, I like to use these glasses when creating tropical Cocktails and placing in some tropical fruit, like pineapple, mango and watermelon as a garnish.

Ice Bucket

2l Copper Ice Bucket with Tongs From VonShef

Always have a bottle of bubbly on ice, you never know when you are going to need a drink.

If you love making Sparkling Wine Cocktails like me, then an Ice Bucket is a nice addition, and when you have a nice quality looking one like this, it just makes you feel more professional.

This 2l Copper Ice Bucket from VonShef also comes with Tongs to help you place ice into your ice bucket without chilling down your hands, it even comes with a lid and a handle, so you can safely take your ice bucket from place to place, you will, of course, have to remove your bottle of Sparkling Wine to do this.

The Ice Bucket has two layers of stainless steel which will help keep your ice frozen for longer and will cost you £19.99.

Ice Crusher

Manual Ice Crusher From VonShef

Having an easy way to crush ice is a real gift, it allows me another way to create my Cocktails, opening up my freedom to experiment and that is one of the most important parts in making Cocktails.

It is a Manual Ice Crusher, you simply place the removable handle on the back of the machine and turn, you will be able to see into it at the top from the plastic cover, all the ice being crushed into small pieces and falling into the tub beneath, you can then use your plastic scooper to move the crushed ice into your glass.

You can create Cocktails without an Ice Crusher, but this is something that I would recommend getting, it just allows you that little more freedom, the price of this Manual Ice Crusher from VonShef is £24.99.

Mini Fridge

47L Mini Fridge

47l Mini Fridge From VonShef

Now, you are most likely going to have a fridge in your home, so why would you get a smaller one? If you have a nice bar set up, it is nice to have everything within reach, and a fridge allows you to accomplish that, it is a 47l Mini Fridge, standing at 50cm high, it contains a small freezer section for creating ice or keeping ice creams cool, there is enough room to fit several bottles of Sparkling Wine and keep fresh fruits and juice for your Cocktails.

This is an item which you would get if you have the room and just want to make your life a little easier, as long as you have a fridge at home, you will be fine.

VonShef Mini Fridge

If you do decide a fridge is what you are looking for then this Mini Fridge from VonShef will cost you 1 penny short of our max price, at £99.99.

Size Dimensions: H x W x D: 49.5 x 44.4 x 48.5cm.

There you have it, as you could see, every item costs less than £100, even if just, there are still more items you may want to get, but this is a good start in putting together a fully working and enjoyable home bar.

Check out the following article to see videos of some of these products in use: Caribbean Fizz Cocktails

Oliver Walkey

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