Reasons To Celebrate With Champagne or Sparkling Wine

29th September 2022

The Reasons To Celebrate With Champagne or Sparkling Wine

Some people don’t need a reason to pop open a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine, but for others, popping open a bottle happens all too rarely, so to make sure you don’t miss out on a life with fizz.

I’ve compiled a list of those moments which deserve to be celebrated with the company of Champagne or Sparkling Wine.

Reasons To Age A Really Nice Bottle

Sometimes buying a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine in advance can really add to the moment, adding to the special moment with has been in storage for years, it is just another reason to be excited.

1: Baby’s Vintage – Buying a bottle with the vintage year of when your child was born, is a fantastic idea for an 18th Birthday Present, put it away in storage and then gift it to them on their 18th Birthday.

If you wanted a vintage Champagne, for example, you won’t be able to go out the same day and buy a bottle, you’ll have to wait for it to become available and that will take at least 3 years, but buying the vintage year when it released will be a lot cheaper and easier than waiting just before their 18th Birthday, as the vintage year will become more scarce and more expensive.

Sometimes it might be harder to find a vintage from a certain year, but there will definitely be one, for example, I was born in 2001, which was considered a terrible vintage year in Champagne, but I know for a fact that some wineries have produced a few vintage bottles from that year, all it means is that it’s harder to find a bottle and it will cost, especially if I wanted to buy one right now.

2: Wedding Day Fizz – We all like to pop a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine on our wedding day, maybe even saber one for the first time, you might have a lot of guests to cater for, so we might not be able to provide the finest vintages, but you should find a bottle to enjoy with your best men or bridesmaids.

As to what sort of bottle, I think is best left up to you, here at Glass of Bubbly we showcase Champagnes and Sparkling Wines from across the world, so I have no doubt we can help you find that bottle.

3: Vintage Anniversary – Almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce, so sticking together for 10, 20 or even 50 years and still being happy is reason enough to celebrate, but let’s consider you found the one, and are part of the 50% that are happy, a big anniversary, like 10 years it worth doing something to celebrate, just you and them.

You could just pick out any bottle of Sparkling Wine, but I think a good idea would be to store away either a bottle from the vintage year you got married or the vintage year that you two met.

4: Retirement Day – It’s not something most of us think about at a young age, but I know your older self will genuinely treasure that bottle and savor every last drop.

Now Let’s Got Into All The Moments That Deserve Some Celebration!

Birth Of Your Child

I’m not going to pretend to know what that feels like, but I bet it can be the best feeling in anyone’s life, holding your child for the first time, seeing their eyes lock onto yours, knowing that you as their protector and mentor, that the life in your hands needs you unconditionally.

After your child is born, I don’t think there will be much else on your mind, everything else will seem insignificant, so you might have to ask in advance or rely on a family member or friend to bring the fizz in celebration.

For this occasion, I don’t think a very special bottle is required, the reason I say that is because your mind is not going to be fully focused on appreciating what’s in the bottle, it’s going to be on the life that’s in your partner’s arms.

So having a bottle of Sparkling Wine that you enjoy would be more than enough to add to the moment.

Your 18th Birthday

This day shouldn’t be taken lightly, you only get to do it once, so make sure it’s one to remember, it wouldn’t be crazy to start planning a couple of years early.

As to what Champagne or Sparkling Wine to drink on your 18th, you could go about it in two different ways.

The first would be to enjoy a fine vintage something from a meaningful year, like the vintage of your birthday, which is something that I recommend doing.

The second would be to pick a bottle that looks exciting to you, maybe it’s the branding that does, perhaps it’s just the fact that it’s from a different country that makes it appeal to you,

Either way, pick something that you want to drink, even if it doesn’t live up to your highest expectations, you made an independent decision and as long as you learn from your choices, there are no mistakes.


Congratulations, you’ve done it, you put in the hard work and achieved -no- excelled and graduated college or gained your degree.

Unless you’re going on with even more education, this marks the end of lectures, they’ll be replaced with meetings, say goodbye to class schedules and say hello to working hours, give an apple to your favourtie teacher or lecturer and shake hands with your new boss, shed a tear for college pranks and say hello to office pranks, come to think of it, the only real difference is now you’ll start getting paid for the time you put in.

For an occasion like this, I’m thinking quantity is required over quality, especially with friends.

Getting The Job You Want

You’ve done it, studied hard to get on the path to your dream job, if you’re fortunate enough to get your dream job right out of Uni, then take an evening, pop open a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine and relax, because you’re going to have to start working hard again, but at least it will be on something you love.

Proposing To Your Soulmate

Even if you’re sure they will say yes, this is still a stressful and exciting event in many people’s lives, sometimes we let those doubting thoughts take over for a moment, casting unnecessary emotions and making you nervous for the wrong reasons.

After the question has been asked, they have said yes and the ring is on her finger, then make sure you toast to the next exciting moment in your lives together.

A nice vintage Champagne or Sparkling Wine would be welcomed, you’re not going to be chugging it down, you’ll want to savor every lasting moment and cherish the memory.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

What time should you enjoy a Glass of Champagne

This is a day to have a ton of fun with your best friends, whether it be in the casinos of Las Vegas, in the nightlife of Soho, London, relaxing in the best Spas, or ordering everything off the menu in your favourite restaurant, you should have some Champagne or Sparkling Wine on hand to enjoy alongside.

There are a lot more ideas you could have, don’t settle for OK, dream big, it shouldn’t take much convincing getting your friends on board with having an unforgettable time.

The Champagne, Prosecco or Sparkling Wine you bring along or order on the menu will be down to the event, is it a party or relaxing with sophistication. If it’s a party I’d go for Prosecco or a flashy looking Champagne, if it’s sophistication you’re after, a nice vintage Champagne or Sparkling Wine should do the trick, although Yoga and Prosecco is a good mix, you could also try something adventurous and go for an International Sparkling Wine or even choose an English Fizz.

More Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Ideas: The Perfect Road Trip Across the Country, Staying in a Castle, Center Parks, Disney Land, Holiday Abroad, Treasure Hunt, Paintball, Yoga Weekend, West End Show, Escape Room, Football or Any Sporting Match (playing or watching), Masterclasses on Cooking, Cocktails, Crafts or Anything You Like.

Your Wedding

For the bulk of your guests, you might not be able to afford the finest fizz, but you should have one of the best to enjoy with your best men or bridesmaids.

Picking out an exceptional Champagne or Sparkling Wine to enjoy either before you say your vows with your family or during the after-party celebrations, have a quiet intimate moment with your new husband or wife will become a fond memory that you won’t be sorry to have lived.

Perhaps think about setting a bottle or two aside now, so then you can let it age and it won’t cost you as much later on.

Vintage Anniversary

Champagne Roger Constant Lemaire – Vintage 2009

Putting a vintage bottle away from the year you met, the year you got engaged or the year you got married would be a fantastic way to celebrate your Vintage Anniversary, whether it’s something you decide together or if one of you keeps it as a surprise, that will mean a lot to both of you.

It doesn’t even have to be a vintage, just keeping a bottle back that you enjoyed on your weeding will do just as well.

Your Vintage Year

What is Vintage Champagne

We start out loving our Birthday, then switch to feeling dread that our lives are passing us by and then finishing with either loving them again or not really caring.

Celebrating any rounded-up Birthday, like 20, 30 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or even if you make it to triple digits, 100, any of those birthdays are worth popping open a bottle of two. As to which, if you still have a bottle from your birth year, that would be phenomenal, but the longer you’ve been alive, the more experiences you’ll have with Champagne and Sparkling Wine, so your experience might speak for itself later on in life when you need it.

Successfully Moving House

The vans have just finished unloading everything into your new home, you’ve said goodbye and thank you, you close those doors that now belong to you, with the ones you love inside, you know at that moment, you’re through the hardest part.

You’ve still got to set the internet up and make sure the water, electricity and gas are all working, but before that, just pause for a moment, open a bottle of bubbly and allow yourself to live in that moment, not worrying about the next problem, you’re moving up in the world, you’re all starting a new life, new job, new school, new friends, appreciate it with your family.

Selling Your Own Business

If you decided to be an entrepreneur, then you’re going to have to put in more hard work than you could possibly imagine, so when that day comes when you’ve made it, you’ve sold a business or received the investment required to take it the next level, then definitely open a bottle to mark that occasion, you’re gonna need it.

Retirement Day

You’re retiring, well done. Hopefully, you’ve committed the best years of your life to something you truly cared for and earnt enough money to enjoy a relaxing retirement, jetting off to some sun-kissed beaches or sightseeing paradises.

It’s not all about holidays, but make sure you enjoy one, you’ve also got more time to spoil those grandkids of yours, with candy and memorable days out, enriching their minds with your years of wisdom.

A day like this deserves something truly special, you’re embarking on the 3rd act of your life and the opening ceremony to it should reflect that.

Maybe you put away a bottle from when you were younger, I know that’s a big commitment, but that’s what will make it taste that much better, if not maybe find a bottle from the most memorable year of your life.

After Note

All of these moments in your life you should treat yourself and enjoy the finer things, but times get tough, you’re always looking for money, so splashing out on a vintage Champagne over a standard NV supermarket brand might not seem viable to you at that time, but do yourself a favour and really enjoy at least one of these moments, life can pass you by so quickly, it can numb you down and make every day feel like a grind, so have those moments where you can truly feel alive and make sure you have a glass of Champagne or Sparkling Wine with you.

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