Red Nose Day cocktail recipe

6th March 2015

Raise a toast to Red Nose Day with a cocktail recipe from Dorset producers Furleigh Estate, Conker Spirit and IOW Tomatoes.

Award-winning local vineyard and winery, Furleigh Estate has teamed up with Dorset’s first gin distillery Conker Spirit and Isle of Wight Tomatoes to create a limited-edition cocktail for Red Nose Day, on Friday March 13.

Lloyd Brown, head mixologist at The Venner Bar in Bridport created the recipe, blending Furleigh estate sparkling Classic Cuvee 2011, with Conker Spirit Dorset Dry Gin and Isle of Wight Tomatoes’ delicate and refreshing pressed tomato cordial.

Rebecca Hansford, owner of Furleigh Estate, said: “Combining our sparkling wine with gin and tomato notes certainly makes for a unique and delightful tasting experience. For those watching Comic Relief on Friday night, this cocktail will provide welcome and colour-coordinated refreshment!”



Furleigh Estate sparkling Classic Cuvee 2011

25ml Conker Spirit Dorset Dry Gin

25ml Isle of Wight Tomato Cordial

25ml fresh lemon juice

Sprig of fresh basil

Isle of Wight cherry tomato


Tear the basil leaves into a healthy serving of Dorset Dry Gin and infuse for 10 minutes.

Next, add the gin mix, lemon juice and tomato cordial to each over ice and shake briefly.

Add to a chilled Champagne coupe glass and top up with chilled sparkling wine.

Garnish with a ripe-to-bursting Isle of Wight cherry tomato and a basil leaf.

To add an extra sensory hit, wipe the edge of the glass with a basil leaf to release an incredible aroma.

Shared by Rebecca Hansford

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