The World’s Best Rosé Sparkling Wine for 2022

50 shades of Rosé judges 2022

The thing I love most about wine is how it can surprise you. This not only refers to the aromas and flavours, but also the wonderful stories that lay behind the labels and wineries even before we consider the touristic delights of where they are grown. I am sure most of us will have experienced…

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What is Blanc de Noirs?

Quite simply, it means the white from blacks as translated to English from how it is written (in French) and this is in reference to grape juice, ie the white juice that is extracted from black grapes. In many wines within the sparkling sector, even though the colour will be clear, part or if not…

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Discover Croatia Sparkling Wines

Making wine is nothing new to the Croatians, they’ve been doing so for over 2,500 years, going all the way back to when the Ancient Greeks lived in Croatia. It was during the 5th Century BC thanks to the Ancient Greeks that a reputation of high-quality wines were being produced on the Dalmatian Islands, (which…

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Istriana SUPER FULL D.O.O – Sparkling Wines

Istriana Misal SUPER FULL

Enjoy our tasting of two Istriana award winning labels from the 2020 Glass of Bubbly Awards: Istriana Malvazija 2014 Extra Brut: “Wonderful charred oak, burnt toast, yellow fruit aromas. Gloriously presented in the palate, oaky, citrus, toasty, minerals, sea salt. Ever so relaxing glass of Bubbly. Gold Medal winner at the 2020 Glass of Bubbly…

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Misal Special Selection

Misal Rouge – Demi Sec Terran sorts, Muscatel Rose of Poreč and Istrian Malvasia are used for the production of this attractive sparkling wine. We recommend it as desert sparkling wine with pastry with little or no cream, such as Istrian fritule (plain dark-flour fritter) and kroštule (region typical fried pastry), also with fruit, especially…

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Misal Brut Selection

Misal Royal – Brut Pink sparkling wine made only from Pinot Noir. We recommend it as a light summer aperitif, with seafood, vegetables and poultry. It can also be consumed with blueberries, cranberries and cherries. Misal Prestige – Extra Brut A sparkling wine preferred by wine enthusiasts made of Chardonnay, with the addition of Pinot Noir…

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Misal, Croatian Sparkling Wine


In north-west Istria, Croatia two sisters are gaining attention for their impressive selection of sparkling wines. Ana and Katarina Peršurić are unlike many other winemakers – they’re young, they’re women and they are producing wines in a region not generally known for sparkling wine. The sisters followed in the centuries-old wine-making tradition of their family and starting production of…

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