These 7 Bar Etiquettes Will Let You Enjoy Your Sparkling Wine Without Going Nuts

5th August 2022

Cocktails at The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel

Drinking your favorite sparkling wine can be the perfect way to spend your weekend. A bar can be a nice spot to have refreshment after a hard day of work. There are certain bar etiquettes that everyone needs to follow. These etiquettes are important to keep the environment safe for everyone.

By following the rules of bar etiquette, you can enjoy a great time at the bar and create a good relationship with the bartender. So here’s a list of 7 bar etiquettes that you must follow to have a relaxing time at the bar.

1. Read the Room

The first thing you should do is figure out what type of bar you’re in. There are different types of bars with unique services. You can’t expect to get the same drinks from different kinds of bars. For instance, you can’t expect to get a complicated cocktail from a dive bar. Same way, you can’t expect to order a coke and rum. Every bar has its specialty, and you need to understand it.

You can easily find out what kind of bar you’re in by looking at the bar areas. If you’re at a dive bar, you can see inexpensive drinks being showcased. But if you’re at a cocktail bar, you can see a wide variety of unique and expensive drinks being showcased to attract customers.

Another way can be to check out their menu. It gives you a clear idea of what kind of bar it is and what drinks it can offer.

2. Be Nice to the Bartender

One important etiquette you must follow is being nice to the bartender. You have to keep in mind that bartenders are human too. Although their jobs look fun, they have to endure a lot of pressure while serving many customers. So a little politeness and kindness can get you into the good books of the bartender.

Show a little patience while waiting for your drink at the bar. Have your money ready when you order so that you can give money quickly when the bartender returns. When a bartender is talking to someone, don’t interrupt them. Don’t wave money or shout for your order. Always try to respect the bartender.

3. Be Specific

There is no room for ambiguity at the bar. While ordering your drink, you have to make the bartender understand exactly what you want. If you want a beer, tell the bartender exactly what kind of beer you want. While ordering a shot, you have to be specific about your preferences. Otherwise, the bartender can get confused.

If the bartender asks you for your order, don’t say, “surprise me.” The reason is that most of the time, you might not like what you get. Bartenders usually don’t have much time to think and serve you whatever drinks are available. Sometimes their preferences might not suit your taste. So instead of looking for a surprise, you can look at the menu and decide what works best for you.

4. Don’t Ask for Extra

Another important etiquette is not to ask to pour extra while the bartender is serving your favorite sparkling wine. It’s an illegal act as bartenders have a set of limits while pouring drinks. Their managers constantly monitor bartenders, so they can’t pour you some extra even if they want. Doing you favors can cost them their job. So don’t ask for these types of favors at the bar.

If you’re at a bar, don’t expect to get anything for free. Bars make money from selling liquors, so you have to pay even if you order soft drinks.

5. Give a Healthy Tip

Giving a good amount of tips can create a good impression of yourself at the bar. It’s also a good practice to appreciate the bartender. So you should be kind and considerate while giving tips to the bartender.

When the bartender is crafting an amazing cocktail for you, they aren’t just pouring a beer from a tap. It requires years of experience and effort to make a perfect mix of alcohol. So after having a wonderful $15 cocktail, if you give the bartender only a dollar, it won’t look very nice. The bartender might even feel insulted. So always give a handsome tip when ordering an expensive drink. It can be your way of saying thank you to the bartender.

It’s advised to give a twenty percent tip based on the total order. You might not be saving money this way, but you’ll earn respect and appreciation from the bartender.

6. Don’t Interfere With Other People’s Business

You’ll see different kinds of people going about their business at the bar. So don’t try to make unnecessary conversation with unknown people if they’re not comfortable. If they’re not interested in chatting, don’t force them.

Don’t feel offended if you’re asked to show your ID card. It’s a normal procedure at the bar. The bar always tries to ensure they don’t serve liquor to underaged guests.

7. Don’t Get Wasted

Last but not least, always try to stay within your limits. Most accidents and unwanted situations occur at bars due to people being drunk. You might do all sorts of offensive stuff when you get wasted. You might get banned from that bar for doing silly things. So always try to leave the bar while you can. Bartenders hate calling cops or breaking up fights when you’re drunk. Know when it’s time to go home.


Whether for a weekend party or casual refreshment, bars can be your go-to place for some fun. But it’s also essential to follow the rules of bar etiquettes. Following these etiquettes means you’ll never have to worry about getting kicked out while drinking your favorite sparkled wine.

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