Champagne and Food Pairing Ideas

3rd August 2022

Champagne Food Pairing Suggestions

Fancy popping open a bottle of Champagne with dinner tonight? Then check out our many Champagne and Sparkling Wine Food Pairings here at Glass of Bubbly.

What Kind of Food Can I Pair With Champagne?

The short answer is ‘anything’, you just need to find the right sugar level and right flavours, Champagne is very food-friendly, so if you just randomly pick out a bottle of Champagne and pair it with a dish, its most likely going to work in some way or another.


When it comes to the delicacies of the ocoeans, seafood from salmon, tuna, cod, and even sushi, can be very much enjoyed alongside a Glass of Champagne, finding a bottle of Brut or Extra Dry Champagne will be a good idea, you can find The Perfect Seafood & Fizz Pairing here.

Chinese Food

Going for a Chinese Takeaway is the most popular takeaway option in the UK, we love dining with Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Crispy Duck, Spring Rolls and Fried Rice. Champagne can pair great with Chinese food, take a look at Pairing Champagne with Traditional Chinese Cuisine for some inspiration.

Chinese cuisine and Champagne pairings


One of the most enjoyed meals in the world, with thousands being delivered and freshly made every night, Pizza has a lot of potential with Champagne, uterlising the wide array of toppings from the plain Margaretta, Meat Feast, Pepperoni, and dare I say it, Hawaiian, check out Battle of The Bubbles – Pizzaland to see if Champagne is the best pairing, or if its another Sparkling Wine takes the crown.

Hot Dogs

If you decide that the Hot Dog will be your dinner tonight, then Champagne is still on the table, you may be thinking it’s a bit high class for the standard Hot Dog, but you can go for the likes of a Bratwursts & Frankfurters, needless to say, Pairing Hot Dogs With A Glass of Bubbly gets a thumbs up from me.


Can You Pair Champagne With Quiche? The short answer, Yes, the creamy, pastry dish pairs nicely with a bottle of Champagne, the fluffy dish allows the Champagne to flow through, so if you find a bottle with the flavours you like, then you should give the pairing a go.

French Onion Soup

When going into fine dining, French Onion Soup can be a fantastic starter or main, and when answering the questions, Can You Pair French Onion Soup with Champagne? The answer is most definitely YES! Although it’s a soup, the meaty and onion flavours allowed this Brut Nature Champagne to join perfectly, you have to try it to understand.


Thanks to the Italians we have another fine dining meal that pairs nicely with a bottle of Champagne, combining its bold and powerful flavours with the clean-cut citrus flavours from this Champagne will create a charming evening for two. Risotto and Champagne.

Christmas Dinner

The Best Champagne for your Turkey Christmas Dinner, what an enjoyable moment it can be for the whole family, finding the perfect bottle of Champagne for your Christmas table, and don’t just settle for one bottle, it’s Christmas, treat yourself.

The Best Champagne for your Turkey Christmas Dinner



Champagne and Cheesecake, can you think of a more delightful pairing, the creamy, silky, smooth cheesecake paired with the subtly sweet red berries, oak and saline flavours from this bottle of Champagne Laurent Lequart, Champagne and Creamy desserts seem to be a match made in heaven, next time you enjoy these two delights, considering pairing them together.


Cheese and Champagne, are two wonderful creations with a lot of possibilities in the food pairing world, itcan work with creamy cheeses, blue cheese, dry cheese, cream cheese and any other kind of cheese you can think of. Check out Pairing Moro Formaggi’s New Cocktail Cheeses With Fine Fizz

Bernard Lonclas & The Martini Cheese

Mr. Kipling Cakes

One name in the Dessert industry I’m sure you’ve heard of is Mr. Kipling, a selection of cakes enjoyed by millions. Can a mass-produced small dessert really pair well with Champagne, find out in Pairing Mr Kipling Cakes with a Glass of Bubbly

Mr Kipling Cakes

So remember Champagne can be enjoyed throughout the whole meal with each different course.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.