The Prosecco War Heats Up

With negotiators seeking to finalize a free trade agreement between Australia and the European Union before a mid 2023 deadline, conflict over use of the term Prosecco by Australia’s wine industry has (again) emerged as a major sticking point. The proposed free trade agreement will significantly improve Australia’s access to the large and wealthy European…

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Prosecco Classifications

The main recognisable levels of Prosecco come in the form of a label around the neck of the bottle, the standard level is a light blue label stating ‘DOC’ and the higher quality comes in a brown label stating ‘DOCG’. What Do DOC and DOCG Stand For? DOC stands for ‘Denonimazione di Origine Controllate’ and…

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What Are The Sparkling Wine Classifications?

Each country has its own classifications for its Sparkling Wines, for example, France has the Champagne Region and in that region, you’ll find the likes of Grand Cru and Premier Cru, but what do they mean? In the Prosecco Region in Italy, you’ll find DOC and DOCG, do you know what that really tells you?…

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Prosecco DOC Tasting With Neil Phillips aka The Wine Tipster

Step into the world of Prosecco DOC with our experienced tour guide, Niel Phillips aka The Wine Tipster Neil Phillips is the UK brand ambassador for Prosecco DOC, representing and showcasing the world of Prosecco DOC to the UK since 2014. Prosecco can only be produced in a certain region in the North-East of Italy,…

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Byron Burgers, Covent Garden, London – Review

Byron Burgers in London

Touching upon the heart of Covent Garden, London, you will find Byron Burgers (33-35 Wellington Street, WC2E 7BN). Amongst an array of fine dining restaurants and trendy wine bars with theatre galore just a few steps away to include the Royal Opera House. If you find yourself in this area of London you will enjoy…

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ThinK Prosecco & ThinK Pink

As in the words of Aretha Franklin “You better think (think) Think about what you’re trying to do to me Think (think, think) Let your mind go, let yourself be free” Inspiring words of letting your mind go and being free, this song always comes to mind when I think about ThinK Prosecco, a feel-good,…

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Live Prosecco DOC Tasting Today at 6pm

Zoom Prosecco DOC advert example 3

Join us tonight at 6pm GMT (1st of July) for a live tasting on Zoom hosted by @ChrisWalkey & @TheWineTipster UK Brand Ambassador for @ProseccoDOC  We will also be joined by 8 producers from the DOC region, Christopher Walkey and Neil Phillips (TheWineTipster) will be tasting 8 Proseccos with each of the DOC producers live over…

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464 Million Bottles of Prosecco DOC were Sold in 2018

10 Prosecco Houses to Visit 2019

464 Million Bottles of Prosecco DOC were Sold in 2018 That is an estimated retail value of 2.4 billion euros, 2 billion pounds, or 2.5 billion dollars. Out of the 464 million bottles of Prosecco sold, 83.32% were Sparkling, 16.63% Semi-Sparkling and 0.05% Still. Out of the Sparkling Wine – 25% was Brut, 63% was…

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