Craft Chocolate and Sparkling Wine

Pairing Champage and Chocolates at Famille Richard-Fliniaux

When it comes to pairing wine with food, or in this case chocolate with sparkling wine, the first -unwritten- rule would be: there are no rules, if you like it, you have it then your way. The second sort of rule would be: “what grows together goes together”. Now, this does not apply to chocolate…

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Guylian Chocolate and Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine and Chocolate is one of those combinations that is very much a love or hate, to the people Sparkling Wine and Chocolate may sound very romantic and delicious, but to industry professionals, the combination sometimes causes disagreements. So I will leave it up to you to decide whether Sparkling Wine and Chocolate is…

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Chocolate Brownies and Sparkling Wine

The Chocolate Brownie is like the king amongst chocolaty treats, that fudgy or cakey texture delivering that unmistakable flavour that fills your mouth, enchanting you under its spell, making it a challenge not to take another bite, with a treat so delicious, it’s not easy thinking of Sparkling Wine that will both stand up to…

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